General Description

KTP-SESH is a modular-packaged unit and a part of the integrated power system. Connection to MV line is organized via a medium voltage cubicle KSO-SESH.For transformation of the energy dry(TSZ-SESH) and oil (TMG-SESH) distribution transformers are applied. 

To protect outgoing feeders, LV switchgears are completed with circuit breakers VA-SESH.Complete transformer substations are dedicated to accept, transform and distribute the electric energy with alternating-current, voltage 20,10,6/0.4,0.69 kV.

  • Nuclear power plant;
  • Thermal and Hydro power stations;
  • Oil pumping stations.
For comfortable service relay equipment is located in the withdrawable blocks.
High reliability due to the domestic manufactured electrical equipment and acceptance tests.
Application power transformers with the low loses.
All metal parts are painted in special coater room with corrosion-resistant covering.

Technical Characteristics

Сapacity of power transformer, kVA
250-3 150
Nominal voltage (MV), kV
6; 10
Rated operational voltage (Un), kV
0,4; 0,44; 0,69
Rated  impact withstand voltage (Uimp), kV
7,2; 12
Rated conditional short – circuit current (Icc)
up to 60
Short – term circuit current (Icw) 1s
up to 150
Earthquake withstand
Circuit breakers
Fixed, plug-in, withdrawble