TSHL-SESH 10, 20 kV

General Description

Measuring current bar-type transformer TSHL-SESH indoor installation for 10, 20 voltage class. Transformer is used for signal transmission of measuring information to the measuring instruments, protection of automation, signaling and control. TSHL-SESH is installed in cubicle switchgear KRU-SESH. TSHL-SESH 10, 20 kV have climate version "U", “T” and category 2 according to GOST 15150-69.

Nomenclature width according to the proposed bus sizes, cable, location of secondary winding, primary currents.
Opportunity of making secondary winding by a flexible wire.
Wide ranges of nominal limit multiplicity and safety factor of devices.

Technical Characteristics

Voltage class, kV
10; 20
Rated primary current, A
600-6 000
Rated secondary current, A
1; 5
Quantity of secondary windings
up to 5
Nominal accuracy class for measurements and accounting
0,2; 0,2S; 0,5;0.5S
Nominal accuracy class for protection
5P; 10P
Nominal factor of safety devices secondary winding for Kbna measurements
5; 10; 15; 20

Operating temperature, °С