Indoor switchgear ZRU-SESH 20/6 and ZRU-SESH 6/20

General Description

The indoor substation ZRU-SESH 20/6 and ZRU-SESH 6/20 are used by oil-producing companies that have their own generation in the field and use the generated electricity for their own needs. Substations ZRU-SESH 6/20 are designed to increase the voltage to 20 kV for transmission to consumers. Substations ZRU-SESHCH 20/6 are used to step down voltage to distribute electricity to consumers.

Reduces the cost of building a substation by 30% in comparison with a similar substation of voltage 35/6 kV.
The equipment is located in a modular building, including a power transformer, which is easy for maintenance.

Technical Characteristics

Rated voltage at higher side, kV  20
Rated voltage at lower side, kV 6
Power of the power transformer kVA 
2 500, 4 000
Rated current of 35kV circuit, A
Short circuit current through 35 kV, kA 
Thermal stability current for 3s, kA
Number of 6kV cubicles, unit

List of sets of equipment

Accessory equipment       kV 20 kV
Circuit breaker        VVU-SESH-10 VVU-SESH-20