Substation automated control system ASU-MT

General Description

Substation automated control system carries out remote control of switch equipment, keeps record of the event log, provides indication of status of the substation elements, collects and transfers information to the upper layer and synchronizes events in time. ASU-MT is a set of cabinets. Cabinets are installed in modules together with cubicles and in a general substation control room.

A reliable way to collect signals. For the collection of signals is used voltage of 220 V.
High reliability of information collection and transmission, cabinets have a block structure, if one block fails, the remaining ones remain operable.
Work without power for 1 hour, saving all information after power failure.
Free software.

Technical Characteristics

The structure of ASU-MT includes two types of cabinets, the number of cabinets depends on the substation design and substation layout:
Functional controller cabinet  SHFK-MT;
Controlled point cabinet - SHKP-MT

SHFK-MT Length x Width x Height, m 0,6 х 0,8 х 2,2
SHKP-MT Length x Width x Height, m
0,35 х 0,8 х 1,9 

List of sets of equipment

List of accessory equipment
Industrial computer
Operator panel
24/220 converter
Input-output discrete signals controller
Power Distribution Unit
Input cubicles with a destruction of oxide film on contacts function
Time server
Server RS-485 interfaces
Ethernet Tx switch
Maintenance-free battery