General Description

Efficient and completely safe distribution of three-phase alternating current with power frequency of 50 and 60 Hz with voltage 6 and 10 kV in any situation is the main purpose for which the complete device of KRU-SESH-59 (KRUN) model is intended. Due to the peculiarities of its modular construction it can operate in open pit mines, drilling installations and other hard-to-reach objects in the severest climatic conditions. Several decades of experience for the equipment creation similar to KRUN 6, 10 kV help now Electroshield Samara to produce the equipment that was recognized not only in Russia but also abroad.

But we are convinced that only experience is not enough nowadays. That is why the cubicle K-59 KRUN incorporated lots of innovative technologies and solutions, thereby a variety of important advantages are ensured to you as a user. The most significant among them are the following characteristics:

  • High reliability. Stability, service life, absence of malfunctions of KRU-SESH-59 – all this is not possible without judicious approach for its construction and production. Precise equipment from Germany, Great Britain, USA, etc. is used in our plant. All main units and components of switchgears are 100% compatible. Also we pay special attention to KRUN case protection both from frost and overloads and unauthorized access. This equipment will not let you down!
  • Wide functionality. All electrical equipment offered by Electroshield Samara can be adapted for different tasks. A great number of options and operation modes including also a part for transformer substations of 35-220 kV allow to do it as quick as possible. It is important to note that servicing and repair of KRUN-59 6, 10 kV will not cause problems due to the convenient access to its components and options as convectors, air conditioners, etc. for specific conditions.
  • Full completeness. Equipment production is made in such a way, that all our equipment that comes off the assembly line, is already ready for operation. And there is no exaggeration in these words. KRU-SESH-59 (KRUN) has the modular construction, complies with all GOST and can be supplied even with transportation sledges that serve as a foundation. This approach reduces your loss of time for installation and adjustment of the switchgear on site.
  • Reasonable price. Collaboration with Electroshield Samara will be definitely profitable for your enterprise. The reason for this is a reasonable price for the equipment of KRUN 6, 10 kV series. Reasonable prices for our production are explained by the fact that we have a smooth-running production, large business limits, and besides you can work with us directly, without unnecessary intermediate agents. Combination of such factors will allow you to get more within your budget!

Do not look for other options – order KRU-SESH-59 from us today! We guarantee that switchgears produced by Electroshield Samara will satisfy all your expectations and it will be difficult to find more attractive quality-to-price ratio for KRUN.

Highly prefabricated product within the limits of transport units.

Minimum scope of work and costs for installation works on site.

Provision with forced ventilation, electric convectors, thermal curtains, air conditioners and split systems to create optimal working conditions for maintenance personnel (upon customer request). 

Possibility to transport on the sledges of the factory construction and production, for example, within oil and gas regions or extractive open pit mines including the possibility to use the sledges as a foundation during operation (upon customer request).

Availability of brackets for overhead entries with rigid busbar preventing mechanical influence on the bushing insulators from the flexible busbar of the substation 6(10) kV side.

Availability of the device of OPU-SESH-59 type for low voltage equipment including without limitation to the equipment with intolerably large dimensions in depth when placing them in KRUN control aisle.

Technical Characteristics

Specifications KRU-SESH-59 U1 KRU-SESH-59 HL 1
Rated voltage, kV      6; 10 6; 10 6
Rated current of the main circuits of KRU cells,A 630; 1 000; 1 600 630; 1 000; 1 600; 2 000; 3 150 80; 400; 630
Rated current built in KRU, kA up to 31,5 up to 31,5 up to 31,5
Height, mm 3120 3395 4160
Height (without input line bracket), mm 2725 2780 2780
Width,mm 3100 3200 3380
Width on breaking current 3300 3200 -
Length, mm Depends on number of cabinets in the KRU

List of sets of equipment

Accessory equipment Name
Vacuum circuit breaker
Relay protection and automation BMRZ; Electromechanics
Voltage transformers ZNOL-SESH; NOL-SESH; NALI-SESH
Auxiliary transformers TMG-SESH; OLS-SESH; TSL-SESH
Current transformers TOL-SESH; TSHL-SESH
Zero sequence current transformers TZLK-SESH
Surge arrester OPN-P-6 (10)
*A complete list of equipment used in KRU-SESH-59 can be viewed in TI