General Description

Switchgear and control gears of KRU-SESH-61M series are intended for receipt and distribution of electric energy of three-phase current with power frequency of 50 and 60 Hz with voltage 6(10) kV for currents 630-4,000 A. Lead-in cabinets and sectioning cabinets for currents 2,000-4,000 A KRU-SESH-61M are recommended to use in KRU-SESH-63 for input of high currents – more than 1,600 A. KRU-SESH-61M cabinets are joined with KRU-SESH-63 cabinets on the collecting buses without using junctions.

KRU-SESH-61M are used:

  • in oil, gas, coal and metallurgic industry;
  • in energocomplex power distribution networks;
  • in agriculture;
  • for industrial companies needs;
  • for urban and municipal networks;
  • in a station auxiliaries system including NPP.

KRU-SESH-61M for NPP is intended for operation in a NPP system of class 20 (for emergency power supply systems) and 3H (for normal operation systems as per classification OPB-88/97 (PNAEG-01-011-97).

Two cabinets versions – with the door of the draw-out element compartment and without the door (with the facade sheet).
Circuit-breaker moving from the working position into the control position when the door is closed.
Possibility to install any vacuum and SF6 circuit-breakers and microprocessing protections.
Separate versions for NPP and tropical climate.

Technical Characteristics

Rated voltage, kV
Rated current, A
630 - 4 000
Rated withstand short-circuit current, kA
31,5; 40
Dimensions, mm (width × height × depth)
750(1 125)x1 340x2 268

List of sets of equipment

Accessory equipment Name
Vacuum circuit breakers   VVU-SESH    
SF-6 breakers LF-2; LF-3 
Current transformers 
Zero sequence current transformers 
Voltage transformers ZNOL-SESH; NOL-SESH
Auxiliary transformers OLS-SESH; TLS-SESH
Surge arrester OPN-P-6 (10)