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The Electroshield Samara aims to provide each specialist with at least 7 hours of training per year, providing for this purpose corporate programs to develop key competencies of employees using modern interactive techniques - trainings, business games, facilitation sessions.

For managers and specialists, free access to a unique corporate distance learning system is provided. The employees of the working professions are provided with free training in basic and related specialties. For new employees, there is a training program for successful adaptation in the company "PLUG-IN".


Success Stories: Florent Eino

Florent Eino
Since Electroshield Samara, has become part of an international company, there is a lot of changes. Changes usually come along with new people who have their own vision of the processes of further development of the enterprise.

Florent Eino's career can not be called impetuous: after graduating from the university in 1988, he consistently climbed the steps of the professional ladder. After three years as an engineer at Alstom, where he was testing products, Florent moved to the south of France in Montpellier and, together with the future chairman of the board of electrical board Samara Joachim Dams participated in the creation of a research center that developed medium voltage equipment.

Eino directed the development of new products with vacuum chambers. Three years later, the center organized the production of innovative cells. At that time, Florent headed the design department and traveled a lot around the world, taking the experience of foreign colleagues. By the beginning of the 2000s, 60 employees of different nationalities worked in the center. Eino faced the next challenge - the introduction of new products and reduced costs for the production of products already produced. Later, Alstom's business power division was acquired by Areva, and after a while Florana Eino was offered to become a production manager and at the same time a technical director. Then he, plunged into details, solved issues related to the improvement of production, procurement and supply processes, the cost of products and the improvement of product quality.

"It was a very useful experience," explains Florent. - After all, when developing a new product, we do not immediately clearly represent the process of its assembly and how to optimize the costs of its production. In 2010, Eino became the director of the plant, and in the center of his attention was the financial component, business development. In three years, record indicators for the company's turnover were achieved. Florent, with his colossal experience and irrepressible energy, received a lot of interesting proposals about work from different countries. But he accepted the offer of Joachim Dams to pursue a promising direction in the electrical board Samara - the management of the company's product offer.

- Is it difficult to work at different enterprises in different parts of the world: Germany, China, India, Mexico? - I ask a person who has a rich experience of such activities. "No, it's very interesting," Mr. Eino answers. The main difference he sees in the organization of the production process. If in other countries, not only the design department is involved in development, this involves production workers, representatives of procurement and marketing departments, supply chain services, financial departments, designers, then in Samara Electricity Chambers, initially there was a different situation, which affected the production costs.

In Russia, it is necessary to create the so-called "lean production". "There's a lot to improve here," says Florent Eino. - For example, to calculate the costs for each part at the stage of its development, and not at the stage of completion. This is very important, because the cost of production should be optimal: expensive goods are difficult to sell. So, you need to look for ways to reduce its cost. According to Florent, in European countries, where there is no such inflation, as in Russia, it is usual to constantly reduce the price of manufactured products - an average of 2 percent per year. - The development of a new product should be handled by a team that includes specialists from different services of the enterprise, - says the director of product supply management. - All of them should be involved in the process, exchange ideas, if necessary, take "brainstorming". Sometimes at first glance the irrational idea in the process of collective discussion is corrected and becomes rational. The main task at the moment Floran Eino calls the establishment of close interaction between the service of the general designer, the marketing department, the quality and procurement department at the stage of developing a new product, not doubting that it will help to reduce the cost and improve the quality of products.

In the plans of the management - significantly expand the range of products Electroshield Samara. Six months ago, a decision was made to expand the production of transformers in Samara's Electrical Board, starting the production of transformers with dry insulation. On May 18, on Cable Street, the ceremony of laying the foundation stone for a new site for the production of dry type transformers was held. Its commissioning will significantly increase the production capacity of the "Russian Transformer". This step is a testament to the fact that, despite the difficult international situation, Russia does not stop and continues to develop its business. In September, the project on oil transformers of a new type will begin to be realized in the Electroshield Samara.

The fact that in Russia you need to observe many formalities, Florent Eino knows firsthand: - When I came to Samara, I was surprised at the huge volume of papers and how many signatures it is necessary to put under each document. It takes a lot of time, but does not create any added value. Florent recalls that 20 years ago, a formal, bureaucratic approach to business that did not allow rapid resolution of production issues was common to companies in other countries, but eventually managed to change the situation. He is sure that this will happen in the electrical board Samara.

Not without reason one of the directions of the new corporate program is called "Simplify". "We need to strive for simplification in any spheres: both when creating drawings, and when making travel arrangements," Florent Eino believes. He is convinced that in the near future the company's employees will send the package of documents to customers not in paper but in electronic form, and the process of creating a new product can be configured even with the help of a smartphone. Already, the paperwork is being simplified in the ElectroShield Samara, the software is being used more actively. Another important area of ​​the corporate program is "Make the World Digital". In its framework, you can also come up with a lot of new things, expanding the capabilities of employees and easing routine work. And the direction of "Innovation" today is closely related to the optimization of energy consumption.

In the future, the company will produce more products with sensors. - Our business, of course, is not comparable with telephony, where innovations constantly appear. But the innovative technologies used there will necessarily come to power, although not soon, Florent Eino is convinced. The world market today offers innovative products with solid insulation. In the development stage there are cells with solid insulation for 12, 24, 36, 40 kW. An important role in the company is given to service and maintenance, designed to prevent problems with the customer. - In a crisis, when the consumer does not have enough money to buy a new product, he wants to increase the life cycle of the product, and we already at the development stage should think that we can offer him to make the product last longer.

Florent Eino, who came from the south of France, fell in love with the Russian winter, he likes to ski, although not mountainous, as in the native Alps. He has been working in Samara for 9 months, but it is premature to sum up any results over this period. While Florent only puts emphasis, recalling the importance of interaction, which means not only the collective activities of employees within the enterprise, but also the joint work of the designers of the electrical board Samara with specialists all over the world. - Of course, it is difficult to join a new company, I understand that it takes time. But I hope that we will have a united team, in which Russian, French and, perhaps, people of other nationalities will work together and realize common projects, "concluded Florent Eino. His energy, optimism and a thorough approach to the matter inspire confidence: new ideas and projects will necessarily be realized.

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Practice and training

To register for an introductory, industrial or pre-diploma practice for students in the company Electroshield Samara; it is necessary 3-5 days before starting practice to apply with the direction from the educational institution to the Personnel Selection and Adaptation Department to the manager for work with educational institutions.

To participate in the Internship Program, you must send a CV to e-mail:

More information about the internship, internship program you can find in the HR department

Medical insurance

The Voluntary Medical Insurance Program (VHI) employees of the company was launched in 2014. The program is valid in addition to state and fully funded by the company. With her became available a larger selection of medical services in various medical institutions of Samara и , other cities in Russia, where our employees work.

Also on all employees of the company is distributed program to protect against accidents and diseases, providing material protection in case of unforeseen and unfavorable events (temporary disability, disability, death, deadly diseases).

Social programs

Electroshield Samara is a socially responsible employer. The company implements many programs aimed at supporting employees, and also implements social partnership agreements with a number of non-profit institutions. 

Among the most popular social initiatives of the company today:

  • The program of rest and recreation of employees and their families
  • Program to reward the best employees for high achievements in their work
  • English language training program for children of employees
  • Programs of social partnership with educational institutions of the village of Krasnaya Glinka, House of the Child "Baby"
  • Charity program
  • Numerous corporate events for employees and residents of the village, and much more.