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The Electroshield Samara aims to provide each specialist with at least 7 hours of training per year, providing for this purpose corporate programs to develop key competencies of employees using modern interactive techniques - trainings, business games, facilitation sessions.

For managers and specialists, free access to a unique corporate distance learning system is provided. The employees of the working professions are provided with free training in basic and related specialties. For new employees, there is a training program for successful adaptation in the company "PLUG-IN".


Success Stories: Vasily Gavrilin

Vasily Gavrilin
In the Electroshield Samara Togliatti Vasily Gavrilin, first came by accident: a friend asked to take him to an interview. Vasily involuntarily became a participant in the business conversation and after a while, having weighed the pros and cons, accepted the offer of the manager to become a sales manager. For eight years in Electroshield Samara the graduate of Togliatti state university has quickly risen on a career ladder and today works as the deputy director of department of oil and gas.

The oil and gas department appeared in the structure of the enterprise in April 2015, when the division of customers began to occur by industry, and not by region, and immediately took the key positions, as products for oil and gas workers accounted for a significant part of the products manufactured in Samara's electrical shop. Vasily Gavrilin's duties include the organization of equipment sales to leading Russian oil and gas companies, including Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, Surgutneftegaz.

The requirements of customers, according to Vasily, are getting tougher from year to year. There are growing demands for telemechanics, protection systems, automation, remote control, which is related to the specifics of the industry: oilfield facilities are often located at a distance of 50-100 kilometers from the settlement, and it is necessary to monitor their condition online, to control cells and vacuum switches remotely .

"With the existing competition in the electrotechnical market, it's not easy to convince the customer to buy equipment from the Electricity Board," Vasily says. - Therefore, we do not have serial production, any order is an individual project. After all, each power engineer sees in his own way the energy supply of specific deposits. I always draw an analogy with cars: you can not make one car that everyone would like and satisfy the demands of all people on the planet. The same applies to electrical equipment. In the current market conditions, the company produces quite competitive products, and the oil and gas department is consistently fulfilling the plan. It, by the way, is the largest among all departments of the Electroshield Samara.

Vasiliy Gavrilin explains his rapid career growth by a combination of circumstances and his personal qualities. - The case also played a big role: a friend asked to be taken to an interview. Otherwise, maybe I would not have thought about changing jobs. It is also important that the Electroshield Samara pays special attention to the professional growth of young people, "said the thirty-year-old leader. Today he participates in the selection of young cadres, conducting interviews with graduates of the electrotechnical faculty of SamSTU.

From the point of view of Vasily, who started his career as a manager, the work in the Electroshield Samara is a very good start for graduates. - Why Electroshield Samara? Now it is a company in which you can develop, gain new knowledge and skills, achieve career growth. For this, there are all possibilities. Managers constantly pass courses of improvement of professional skill, trainings, business training. Already at first young professionals have a decent salary, and in a short period of time it can grow significantly if you show yourself. In addition, having gained experience in an international company, a specialist will always be in demand on the labor market.

Vasily said that the "upbringing" of the manager occurs in the process of work. It takes about three years. Only a year later it becomes clear whether he will be of any use, and after three years it can already be ascertained that a real expert has turned out. And such a slow pace is quite justified: - We all managers - the leaders of their projects, which are beginning to realize from scratch. They have to interact with the customer and the complex hierarchy of the plant, connect all the services, know who is responsible for it, set deadlines and monitor the result. The manager is responsible for everything.

The deputy director of the oil and gas department hopes that the good tradition will continue: graduates of SamSTU will annually come to work
in commercial service Electroshield Samara. They are waiting here, they are willing to pay attention to.

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Practice and training

To register for an introductory, industrial or pre-diploma practice for students in the company Electroshield Samara; it is necessary 3-5 days before starting practice to apply with the direction from the educational institution to the Personnel Selection and Adaptation Department to the manager for work with educational institutions.

To participate in the Internship Program, you must send a CV to e-mail:

More information about the internship, internship program you can find in the HR department

Medical insurance

The Voluntary Medical Insurance Program (VHI) employees of the company was launched in 2014. The program is valid in addition to state and fully funded by the company. With her became available a larger selection of medical services in various medical institutions of Samara и , other cities in Russia, where our employees work.

Also on all employees of the company is distributed program to protect against accidents and diseases, providing material protection in case of unforeseen and unfavorable events (temporary disability, disability, death, deadly diseases).

Social programs

Electroshield Samara is a socially responsible employer. The company implements many programs aimed at supporting employees, and also implements social partnership agreements with a number of non-profit institutions. 

Among the most popular social initiatives of the company today:

  • The program of rest and recreation of employees and their families
  • Program to reward the best employees for high achievements in their work
  • English language training program for children of employees
  • Programs of social partnership with educational institutions of the village of Krasnaya Glinka, House of the Child "Baby"
  • Charity program
  • Numerous corporate events for employees and residents of the village, and much more.