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Conference of power engineers of industrial and grid companies.

9 November 2017

Conference of power engineers of industrial and grid companies.
In Sochi, a total of 2 conferences were completed by Samara Samara: the scientific and practical conference of project organizations and the conference of energy industrial and network companies.

«Electroshield Samara» participates in the development of a technical task for JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom".

7 November 2017

«Electroshield Samara» participates in the development of a technical task for JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom".

Do you know that a very large number of distribution devices electrical samara are installed at different nuclear power plants in Russia? This is LENINGRAD 2 Nuclear power plants, Rostov, Novo-voronezh, Kalininskaya, Smolensk and the NPP Kudankulam in India. Let us recall that there are 10 active nuclear power plants in Russia.

Electroshield - quality standard.

2 February 2017

High quality and reliability of the products have always been and remain the basic principles of the company's work, along with guaranteed fulfillment of obligations to customers and partners, using the most modern and innovative technologies, wide range of products and competitive pricing.

Joachim Dams: "Investments in the Electroshield Samara - a guarantee of successful joint work"

1 February 2017

Schneider Electric continues to increase the amount of investment in the electrical panel Samara. In 2014 the company plans to invest almost 2.5 times more funds in the development of the enterprise than in 2013.
Schneider Electric, Senior Vice-President of the Schneider Electric marketplace in Russia and the CIS, Chairman of the Board of Electroshield Samara, Joachim Dams spoke about the results of Schneider Electric's investment program in respect of Samara Electrical Board and the company's future plans.

Electroshield Samara, congratulates on upcoming holidays

30 December 2016

With all my heart we want to congratulate you on the coming New Year! We wish you promising ideas and large-scale plans, reliable partners and competent colleagues, success in implementing the most difficult tasks.

Railway - iron quality

27 December 2016

Our country really boasts one of the most developed rail networks in the world. According to official data of OJSC «Russian Railways», the length of electrified lines is 43.4 thousand.

A new line of circuit breakers of own production VA-SESH-MS and VA-SESH-AS

26 December 2016

Electroshield Samara is proud to present you a new line of circuit breakers of its own production, VA-SESH-MS, VA-SESH-AS, which is used to complete the products of the electrical panel Samara.

The electronic release of the circuit breaker VA-SESH-MS allows to regulate the value of the installations for protection against overcurrent and short-circuit current

In 2017 Electroshield Samara will start production of a new line of low-voltage switchboards of NKU-SESH-M series.

22 December 2016

The line of low-voltage switchboards of NKU-SESH-M series. Modular design will allow you to adapt to different technical requirements of customers. To protect electric receivers, the boards will be equipped with circuit breakers of the own production of VA-SESH (MC, AS), as well as with automatic switches of imported production.

Dear friends and colleagues, on behalf of Electroshield Samara, we congratulate you on the Day of Power Engineering!

22 December 2016

I wish you trouble-free work, economic stability of your enterprises, confidence in your abilities, great achievements in difficult, sometimes tense, but very interesting work, pep for spirit and new successes in noble work.

Small piggy bank, but convenient

20 December 2016

An increasing number of customers set themselves the goal of minimizing the area allocated for the switchgear. This trend is particularly relevant for power grid companies in large cities. In this case, the cells of the switchgear must remain simple and convenient to operate. In 2016, these two largely multidirectional tasks were successfully resolved by the service of the general designer of Electroshchield Samara.

Results of the exhibition "Electric Networks of Russia"

14 December 2016

One of the largest Russian manufacturers of electrical products Electroshield Samara took part in the international exhibition "Electric Networks of Russia". The event took place in Moscow from December 6 to 9, 2016. Annually, Electroshield Samara takes an active part in this event.

Electric Networks of Russia December 6-9, 2016, Moscow, VDNH

28 November 2016

December 6-9, 2016, Moscow, VDNKh, Electroshield Samara Company will be glad to see you among the participants of the conference "Effective innovations and complex solutions in the field of increasing the reliability of energy saving with the use of Russian equipment".

The updated version of TI-064 KTP-SESH-B (M) 35, 110, 220 kV

3 November 2016

The technical information on the substations KTP-SESH-B (M) 35, 110, 220 kV has been updated.

The new corporate style Electroshield Samara

1 November 2016

Samara Electrioshieldchanged its image. From the status of one of the leaders in the market of electrical products, the company is confidently moving to the position of a trend-maker - a player who sets the trends for the industry. The transition from simple equipment manufacturing to integrated solutions, quality engineering and after-sales services, and the production of innovative products are all about Samara Electroshield.

The line of ТМ (Н) - СЭЩ 1000 ... 6300 kVA

7 October 2016

Electroshield Samara has expanded the proposed line of transforma-
(H) -SESH in the part of the on-load tap-changers used, overflow valves
pressure, thermometers and insulator inputs.

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