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Do more - take care of the environment.

22 June 2016

The desire for personal growth is an important sign that characterizes a modern person and an effective employee of an advanced company. Being the leader in its industry, Electroshield Samara offers its employees a complex of opportunities for personal and professional development, and also for the manifestation of initiatives aimed at improving working conditions and the world as a whole.

KRU Electroshield Samara: yesterday, today and a little tomorrow.

15 June 2016

The history of the development of the production of electrical products at our plant goes back to the far fifties of the last century, when practically all sectors of the national economy developed at a tremendous rate, and the need for electricity supply became the forefront.

Our new victory

14 June 2016

The Electroshield Samara team takes part in the construction of a large perinatal center in the Ogner district of Norilsk. The perinatal center is designed for 110 places, and its construction is conducted near Norilsk Interdistrict Hospital No. 1.

Electrical board Samara has started serial production of OLS-SESH-2,5 and 4 kVA

9 June 2016

Enterprise Electroshield Samara has started serial production of a new line of transformers OLS-SESH-2,5 and 4 kVA

Elektroshchield Samara and social activities.

8 June 2016

The Electroshield Samara has strengthened the social partnership in the Krasnoglinsky district and continues to organically develop this work. The social orientation of business in difficult economic times acquires a special urgency. Electroshield Samara continues to finance the activities of social facilities in the whole area of Samara and plans to take them to its balance.

Annual Update of the Honor Board

22 April 2016

Annual renewal of the Board of Dignity is a good tradition Electroshiekd Samara, which has been in operation for many years. Putting the best employees on the Board of Honor supports and supplements the approach of Samara Electroshield to encourage and motivate its employees.

A new line of measuring current transformers TSP-SESH 0.66 kV

24 March 2016

Electroshield Samara has started serial production of a new line of transformers TSHP-SESH 0.66 kV

Expansion of the line of measuring current transformers TOL-SESH-35-IV UHL1 for rated currents up to 3000 A

2 March 2016

The company Electroshield Samara has started serial production of the current transformer line TOL-SESH-35-IV UHL1 for rated currents up to 3000 A

Complete transformer substations-SESCH-D (M) 35/10 (6) from Samara Elektroshchield

18 February 2016

Electroshield Samara occupies a leading position in the production, supply and service of complete transformer substations for 35/10 (6) kV. The technical policy of some of our key customers provides for a total failure of 35 kV. The manufacture of new 35 kV substations does not imply such a policy, it is only about the operation and repair of the already constructed ones. Being demonstrating the maximum level of client-orientedness and flexibility in servicing its customers, Samara's Electroshield is beginning to focus on 10 kV, 20 kV, 110 kV.

New products of "Mechatronics" - for PJSC "Lenenergo"

11 February 2016

Specialists of SEC "Mekhanotronika" Ltd. conducted a scientific and technical advice for the operation of the key customer of PJSC "Lenenergo" for new types of products, which were launched in 2015. This high-voltage range of devices BMRZ for voltage 110-220 kV, as well as blocks of the series BMRZ-50, designed to replace electromechanical relays in the reconstruction of dead-end network substations of medium voltage

History of success

9 February 2016

The department of vacuum circuit breakers was created in Electroshield Samara on March 26, 2002. At the invitation of the plant, a group of specialists came to Samara to assist in the development and production of vacuum circuit breakers.
The head of the group was Viktor Andreevich Skazko.

Annual seminar of the main power engineers "ALROSA"

5 February 2016

Elektroshield Samara for the first time received an invitation to participate in the annual seminar of the main power engineering company "ALROSA" and make a presentation on the manufactured equipment.

Чем гордится Служба генерального конструктора?

2 February 2016

Служба генерального конструктора подготовила своеобразный подарок для Коммерческой службы и всего завода, в помещении испытательного центра состоялась демонстрация трех образцов новой техники – шкафов комплектных распределительных устройств.

Положительный опыт – в дело

29 January 2016

На базе ИЦ «Сапфир», состоялось заседание трехсторонней комиссии по регулированию социально-трудовых отношений на территории городского округа Самара. На совещании присутствовали представители администрации городского округа Самара, «Союза работодателей Самарской области», а также руководство Электрощит Самара и журналисты.

Часто задаваемые вопросы по распределительным трансформаторам ТНГ, ТНГ(Ф) мощностью 25 - 2500кВА 6(10)кВ

27 January 2016

Электрощит Самара приступил к серийному выпуску распределительных трансформаторов ТНГ, ТНГ(Ф) мощностью 25 - 2500кВА 6(10)кВ.,
заполненных огнестойкой диэлектрической жидкостью «FR3»

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