Dmitry Azarov held a working meeting with President of Schneider Electric

As part of the SPIEF-2018, the head of the Samara Region Dmitry Azarov, held a working meeting with the President of Schneider Electric Jean Pascal Tricoire and the president of CJSC GC Electroshield - TM Samara Eric Brisset. The parties discussed the prospects of the French concern in the Samara region.

Dmitry Azarov noted that the Samara Region for the first time presents its exposition at the SPIEF: "Today we are working to create additional opportunities to raise investments. A whole series of processes, from the point of view of regional management, we are now resetting. We create comfortable conditions for doing business on the territory of the Samara region to the company, investor no matter in which country he runs his business."
The head of the region added that special attention of the regional authorities is paid to high-technology companies and expressed confidence that Schneider Electric will actively develop the design and engineering direction in the region.
Recently, a working meeting was held between Dmitry Azarov and Eric Brisset. "We discussed the results of the company work in the region over the last year. The dynamics demonstrated by the company in recent years will create a stable economic situation at the plant, in the work collective, and create opportunities for acceleration of the rate of economic development in the Samara region as a whole. We are ready for further cooperation in all areas of activity," the head of the region underlined.
Jean Pascal Tricoire underlined that the Samara region is the most important region of Russia for the company, in Samara there is the largest enterprise in the country - Electroshield Samara.
"The level of investments of the company in the Samara region shows the quality of interaction with regional authorities. The implementation of our projects would be impossible without the active support of your team," said Jean Pascal Tricoire. He underlined that the concern plans to further develop its own production and will continue to invest in the region's economy.
"The Samara region is one of the key regions for cooperation between Russia and France," noted the head of the region. In particular, the expansion of cooperation with the French side was discussed during the recent meeting of the head of the region with the French Ambassador to Russia Sylvie Bermann.