French ambassador to Russia visited Electroshield Samara

Within a two-day visit to the region, the official delegation of the French Embassy in Russia visited Electroshield Samara on April 7.

As the French Ambassador to Russia, Sylvie Bermann, noted, the French Republic and the Samara region have close economic and cultural relations.

"I think that the Samara region is a very dynamically developing region from the economic point of view, and France has many interests. - she said. - They are, first of all, AVTOVAZ and Electroshield Samara. In addition, France is present here in the field of culture. The very first center of Alliance Française in Russia was created exactly in the Samara region, in its time it was opened by the President of the French Republic. Therefore, we have a special interest in the Samara region and great plans for further development. The interest is connected with Electroshield Samara, which is the largest foreign enterprise Schneider Electric. I was in AVTOVAZ, which also has great prospects for development. In particular, an industrial park was created, which may be of interest to our investors. In addition, chain stores such as Auchan and Aquarelle are actively developing in the region. There are a lot of opportunities for further development, which are very easy to realize, considering that Moscow is just two steps away from Samara." - concluded Sylvie Bermann.

According to Eric Brisset, President of CJSC GC Electroshield-TM Samara, the acquisition of the Samara Company by Schneider Electric in 2013 was a significant event in the area of French investments in the Russian economy, the development of these processes has been included in the sphere of attention of representatives of the highest governmental authorities of Russia and France.

"The visit of the French ambassador to the Samara region testifies to the high interest in the development of these relations. - underlined Eric Brisset. - The main issues of the meeting are about the development of our enterprise and support from the government of the Samara region. Head of the region Dmitry I. Azarov pays great attention to Electroshield Samara. We see his support and the desire to provide the company with the maximum number of orders. At the meetings with the management of such large companies as RZD, Renova, Novatek, the head of the Samara region is always interested in the progress of the project implementation in which our company participates. The current year for Electroshield Samara began with a huge victory in the tender for Gazprom under the project "Power of Siberia." We won the tender, competing with the strongest international companies from different countries - China, Sweden, Italy. The volume of the order is 2.5 billion rubles, within a year and a half our enterprise will supply equipment that will provide a high degree of automation of the large substations of "Power of Siberia". About 70% of works on the project, we must perform this year, other 30% - in the first half of next year."

Today, more than 6,000 people work in Electroshield Samara. According to Eric Brisset, for the current year the company has three main tasks: to strengthen its positions in the Russian market, to deepen the localization of production and foreign markets representation.

"We see the growth of the Russian economy, but there is no special euphoria, the forecasts are restrained, so the main thing for us now is to strengthen the relationship with customers who traditionally choose our products - this is primarily the oil and gas industry. - said Eric Brisset. - We are developing a new kind of products. The market requires localization, it wants to get rid of equipment purchases abroad. We, as a Russian manufacturer, adapt to the wishes of the customer, and have already localized the circuit-breakers that Schneider Electric produced abroad. We also localize the software and plan to localize the production of high-voltage equipment. The third task is to increase the volume of exports. Today the Russian market does not allow us to ensure the growth that is put in the company's development plans. The team of managers that works in Electroshield Samara in the past 5 years, sees great prospects for promoting products in foreign markets. We see that we can win in competition with international manufacturers on their territory. We have everything for this - an excellent plant and a technically competent team. Therefore, we believe that Electroshield Samara is able to take on foreign markets, on which our products were not presented before. We plan to increase the share of exports by times, so serious efforts today are focused around certification of our products in external markets." 
The plant produces a wide range of electrotechnical products, equipped with components of own production. Export takes about 10% in the quantity of shipment, within 2-3 years this figure can be brought up to 20-30%. 

As the head of the enterprise noted, the first 5 years of operation of the plant in the structure of Schneider Electric are evaluated positively by the French investor. The processes of interaction with the global corporation are established, understanding on the further development of the enterprise coincides, while there remains a wide possibility of independence in decision-making. The second stage of the enterprise development has begun, it will also take place under the leadership of Eric Brisset, whose powers are extended for the next 5 years.