Substation Constructed by Electroshield Samara Launched at Elga Coal Deposit

Samara, October 5, 2018. A mobile 35/6 kV substation has been launched at the coal deposit of Elgaugol OOO, part of PJSC Mechel. The substation was produced by Electroshield Samara. The new substation will ensure reliable electric power supply and mobility of the equipment used for coal mining.

The project of the substation is comprised of three mobile units:

- RU-35 kV block made on the basis of KRU-SESH-65 HL1 indoor switchgear and integrated with a 35 kV receiving unit, which in turn facilitates the connection to the overhead 35 kV overhead transmission line and does not require any additional units or supports.

- TM-SESH-6300/35/6 HL1 power transformer block installed on a mobile platform with removable oil ducts.

- RU-6 kV block switchgear made on the basis of the KRU-SESH-59 UHL1 unit with installed power protection cabinets and a power factor correction device.

All the units are fully protected from the negative environmental influences, which is of vital importance for smooth functioning and servicing of the unit in extreme weather conditions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

 The advantages of using 35/6 kV mobile substations produced by Electroshield Samara are as follows:

- Convenient transportation and mobility;

- Convenient and simple installation;

- Minor operating costs;

- Full factory readiness;

- Connection to both cable and overhead lines.

 “Supplying power to large objects such as a coal deposit requires a special approach. It involves the characteristics of the equipment used and the way it is being used,” says Sergey Bondaletov, Director of Industry and Infrastructure Department at Electroshield-TM Samara Group of Companies. “Extreme weather conditions make things even more complicated. While designing, customizing and installing the new substation we factored in everything to ensure uninterrupted power supply and maximum mobility for all the equipment employed at the deposit.”