Technical meeting in JSC "RES" on the topic "Digital substation IEC 61850"

Last Friday, a technical meeting on the topic "Digital substation IEC 61850" was held in JSC RES in Novosibirsk. Specialists of Electroshield Samara together with the specialists of NTC Mekhanotronika presented the concept of digital substation (DS), its main technical solutions and shared the experience of development and implementation of the international standard IEC 61850 in the automated control system for fuel and energy complex facilities.

About 40 people from JSC RES attended the meeting, including the management of the enterprise, chief engineers of the branches and specialized professionals. 
The topic of the digital substation received a lively response from the customer. Specialists of JSC RES shared their opinion regarding the necessity to switch to digital technologies and expectations from manufacturers. 
The economic effect and reliability of the applied solutions are the main issues regarding the application of the DS. The problem of the necessity for the usage of optical high-voltage current and voltage transformers, readiness of manufacturers to work with SV data, the transition to a centralized Relay protection and automation system, as well as the normative base for the applied innovative solutions - all these issues were discussed at a round table. 
Specialists of Electroshield Samara have indicated their readiness to act as a partner in determination of the optimal solutions on the way to digitalization.