The largest domestic electrotechnical enterprise celebrated its 75th anniversary

The largest domestic enterprise for the production of electrical equipment - Electroshield Samara - celebrated its 75th anniversary. An official event on this occasion was held on the production site Electroshield in Krasnaya Glinka with the participation of employees, Russian and foreign partners of the company, as well as representatives of the authorities of the Samara region

According to the president of the company Eric Brisset, today Samara enterprise, which has undergone a complex transformation of business, all technological and production processes, is a full-fledged player in the international energy market and is ready to compete with leading foreign companies. Development in foreign markets is one of the strategic directions of the company development in the coming years. On July 20, 2017 Electroshield Samara celebrated 75 years since the foundation of the first production site Electroshield in Krasnaya Glinka (Samara region). Nowadays Electroshield Samara is the largest domestic enterprise for the production of electrical equipment, which after 5 years of transformations and reforms under the patronage of Schneider Electric has become a modern competitive company that meets international quality standards. During the official event dedicated to the anniversary, the company representatives told about the latest achievements of Electroshield, as well as about strategic plans for the further development of the enterprise According to the president of the company Eric Brisset, the key tasks of Electroshield Samara in the coming years is active participation in the process of digitalization of the Russian energy sector, as well as the company business development abroad. The focus on the implementation of "digital" projects is made in accordance with the idea at the federal level for the accelerated digitalization of the electric grid country complex and building smart energy by means of domestic equipment and software. As for the export, the company plans to increase the share of foreign projects in its portfolio to at least 20% in the coming years. "Nowadays, Samara enterprise is already a full-fledged player in the international power industry market. All our competitors abroad have heard and know that there is such a plant in Krasnaya Glinka that produces advanced electrical products that can compete as an equal with foreign analogues. All this became possible thanks to our employees, including the residents of Krasnaya Glinka," Mr. Brisset emphasized. During the last 5 years, Electroshield Samara has implemented a set of works to restructure business processes and modernize its own production facilities. The result of these efforts was the growth of the company's performance in different areas: occupational safety, wage system, social policy, lean production, efficiency improvement and process safety. The result of the performed reforms was a safe modern enterprise that for 75 years has been holding the leading position in the Russian electric power market and is also gaining new opportunities to participate in international energy projects that were inaccessible before to domestic companies.