Service Offers

To implement optimal solutions and decrease costs – use professional support. Electroshield Samara offers the services on each stage of lifecycle of the equipment by professional Field Service Engineers are situated in each representative all over Russia and CIS. 

Maintain of
during all
work time


Technical study


Retrofit Upgrade


Erection & Commissioning


Spares Repair on demand
Technical training
Extension warranty


Expert review and recovery
to working condition

Do you plan to modernize your equipment and need technical support?

Electroshield Samara has large experience in Energy business and ready to make preliminary audit of your site to give recommendations for optimal modernization or equipment repair. This audit will help to understand the real equipment situation and prioritize the modernization program.

Audit is made by highly skilled technical engineers and takes 1-3 or more days depending of the site size. The targets of it - understand the list of maintenance and additional actions for diagnostic, repair, upgrade or replacement of installed equipment to make it more safe, reliable and cost-efficient.



Of all projects are delayed on E&P stage by unpredicted reasons according the statistic. Support by Electroshield Samara as equipment producer on this stage will help to launch the project on time.


Spare parts 

When malfunction has occurred it should be fixed ASAP to decrease non-scheduled down time. The key element here is spare parts availability. Electroshield Samara has created recommended spare parts list for equipment.


Electroshield Samara has skilled service representatives to make warranty and after-warranty repairs of its equipment. Our engineers are ready to make intervention on site to fix the equipment in possible shortest time.

Technical training 

Skilled maintenance team - is one of the key elements of failure-free operation. Training from Electroshield Samara allow you to use:

  • Flexible and tailor-made programs;
  • Teachers with practical experience;
  • 90% of practice in study;
  • Possibility to train on site.

Service support at operation period from producer – reliable equipment for the whole lifecycle.


  • Support for whole lifetime;
  • Minimum technological and economical risks;
  • Minimum unexpected down time.
Samara Electroshield propose to consider signing frame service contract for critical Energy equipment. It allows :
  • 24/7 support;
  • Stable and settled price for engineers interventions and Spare parts;
  • First work, then pay;
  • Audit of the equipment if needs.

Equipment Diagnostic and recovery

In case you have:
  • Long time storage of the equipment in disregard of storage requirements;
  • Expired warranty;
  • Missed or stolen equipment parts;
  • Be not to the required standard.

Electroshield Samara propose to make audit of such equipment and make turn key recovery.

Retrofit is:

  • Modernization for optimal cost;
  • Unit life cycle extension;
  • Minimum downtime;
  • Modern standard fit;
  • Maintenance cost decrease up to 70%;
  • Staged modernization possibility.

Old equipment can be modernized to obtain better characteristics and extend life cycle. Electroshield Samara presents retrofit solution for old type cubicles.

Retrofit allows to replace the most important parts of cubicle – circuit breaker and relay protection unit in existing cubicle frame.

Electroshield Samara offers smart retrofit solutions including:

  • Relay protection;
  • Arc protection;
  • CT / VT;
  • Additional options (temperature sensors, access control etc).
Electoshield Samara - one of the biggest Russian producer of electrical equipment proposes retrofit solution based on hundreds successful projects in Russia and in the world. For 12+ of experience we create more then 100+ standard retrofit solutions covering almost all existing GOST-type cubicles.


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