Complete SF6 gas insulated switchgear KRUE-SESH-110 kV

General Description

Complete SF6 gas insulated switchgear KRUE-SESH-110 kV is successfully used in power systems, oil fields, industrial enterprises, infrastructure facilities. The substation is intended for the distribution of high voltage electricity. KRUE-SESH 110 kV can be installed and supplied in a building of sandwich panels.

Frost resistance. Using a spring-motor drive in the circuit breaker allows the equipment to operate at low temperatures.
Compactness. Substation occupies a much smaller area compared to traditional outdoor switchgear.
High earthquake resistance: 9 points on MSK-64.
Safe operation. All live parts are housed in casing.

Technical Characteristics

Rated voltage, kV
Rated current, A
2500, 3150
Electrodynamic stability current, kA
Thermal stability current, kA
Number of cut-off of rated short-circuit current, cycle
Type of connection
Air / Cable     
Temperature range (KRUE-SESH 110 in building), ˚С  -60˚С   +40˚С