General Description

PV BOX is a ready-made solution for converting DC energy from photovoltaic panels into AC energy of medium voltage for outputting it into the electrical network.

PV BOX produced by Electroshield Samara is a prefabricated hardware system for network photovoltaic power plants.

Scope of application

Photovoltaic power plants with rated power from 1MW connected to electrical networks.

PV BOX structure

  • electrical module;
  • voltage and frequency convertors;
  • step-up transformer;
  • medium voltage switchgear;
  • automatic control system cabinet;
  • UPS cabinet (operating DC voltage system):
  • in-house cabinet;
  • power protection and switching equipment;
  • engineering systems (ventilation, heating, fire and security alarm, lighting).

Arrangement of all the equipment in a single shell simplifies the connection to photovoltaic panels and power network

All equipment is from one supplier
Equipment from the Russian manufacturer
Guaranteed component compatibility
The minimum scope of installation works and electrical connections
Minimum site preparation and low running costs
Quick project implementation
Increased service life of critical components due to installation in a microclimate-controlled enclosure

Technical Characteristics

Climatic version UHL1

  • lower operating value of ambient temperature - not lower than -60°С;
  • upper operating value of ambient temperature – not more than + 45°С;
  • altitude above sea level – not more than 2000m;
  • relative air humidity - 95% at + 25 ° С;
  • environmental content of corrosive agents - for atmosphere type I-II (industrial) according to GOST 15150;
  • Earthquake resistance on MSR-64 scale up to 9 points.

PV BOX can connect photovoltaic panels with a total voltage up to 1500 V.

There are various configurations of PV BOX in power:

With a maximum field voltage of 1000V photovoltaic panels:
3200 kVA / continuous peak power of 3200 kVA,
2400 kVA / continuous peak power of 2400 kVA,
1600 kVA / continuous peak power of 1600 kVA,
800 kVA / continuous peak power of 800 kVA,

With a maximum field voltage of 1500V photovoltaic panels:
4290 kVA / continuous peak power of 4470 kVA,
3300 kVA / continuous peak power of 3440 kVA,
2640 kVA / continuous peak power of 2750 kVA,
1650 kVA / continuous peak power of 1720 kVA,
1320 kVA / continuous peak power of 1375 kVA,

The PVBOX modular design allows to create SPP of the required power, combining the nominal powers of each module.

Main parameters and characteristics of Block-modular invertor installation

Parameter description
Parameter value
Input parameters (DC)
Maximum voltage of open loop of PV modules’ circuits, V
1500 V
Maximum number of inputs of Block modular invertor installation, pcs.
6 x number of invertors
Output parameters (AC)
Rated voltage, kV
Up to 40.5
Rated frequency, Hz
Power factor range
From - 0.8 up to +0.8 capacitive or inductive
With PWM modulation with an integrated sinus filter
Rated output voltage, V
380 or 550 (600) V
Auxiliary power supply
380 V 3 phases + neutral (neutral is grounded)
Frequency, Hz
Power, kVA
not more than 25 
Dimensions and weight
Transport dimensions (LxWxH), not more than, mm
12200 x 3000 x 3300
Weight, not more than, t
30 t
Protection class
Protection class
IP44, transformer room IP23