Complete transformer substations of outdoor installation

Complete transformer substations for outdoor installation

General description
Technical information

General description

In agriculture, oil and gas fields, railway junctions and industrial facilities – everywhere complete transformer substations, KTP in abbreviation, will help to organize and create an effective electrical network. If, of course, such equipment has a high level of performance – as in the case of products from Electroshield Samara. Choosing our equipment, you choose stability of electric power supply in your company. That surely ready to confirm thousands of buyers of our KTP used for outdoor installation throughout Russia and even abroad!

Each our customer has already made sure: the experience gained over several decades of Electroshield Samara provides each customer with a better ratio of the characteristics of such equipment. Due to this, any transformer substation KTP represents the following important advantages for you:

  • Trouble-free operation. Our equipment can be a model of reliability, durability and unpretentiousness in operation. This is due to several factors. First, the engineers of our company make complete substations (KTP) taking into account all possible loads, severe climatic conditions and make the frame resistant to vandals. Secondly, we work on high-technology and precise foreign equipment. Due to all this you can be sure of the purchased equipment.
  • Extended functionality. Transformer electrical substations produced by Electroshield Samara you can easily adjust to your own specific and highly specialized tasks. This is real due to different operation modes, possibility of connecting multiple outgoing lines, several types of interlock of the equipment for repair and service, adjustment of various parameters, etc. Our KTP is really a convenient device
  • Reasonable prices. Direct work with the manufacturer is your saving with Electroshield Samara. We make every effort to get you an attractive and profitable cost for the equipment. The limits of our production, multiplied by the exact calculation, allows us to keep the price for all low-voltage KTP manufactured by us at an interesting level for your business. You can easily make sure yourself at any convenient moment for you – and save a lot!
Do not waste your own time for further searches: contact Electroshield Samara today. We guarantee that the transformer substation of KTP series ordered in our company will justify all your expectations – and investments in its purchase!

Technical information

Scope of application

Electric power supply for the objects in oil and energetic industries, agriculture, urban, settlement, industrial and other objects.

A powerful production base and qualified personnel allow Electroshield Samara to improve the existing products and produce more complex engineering solutions due to the customer requirements.

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