State-of-the-art technologies

The product range of Electroshield Samara is extremely extensive. When developing and manufacturing equipment, the company uses state-of-the-art technologies, which ensures high quality and reliability.


The company’s products are fully certified and certificated by leading expert and industrial companies in Russia.

Wide use

Equipment under the brand name Electroshield Samara is used in all energy sectors: at substations supplying the oil fields in Siberia and the Olympic facilities in Sochi, at coal pits in Kuzbass and at traction substations of railways, at nuclear power plants, oil refineries and thousands of urban substations. We create products taking into account the needs of operating organizations, the specifics of the industry, climatic and technical working conditions.

Key clients

The key clients of Electroshield Samara include such companies as: Rosneft, Rosseti, Russian Railways, Gazprom, LUKOIL, Transneft, Rosatom, Roskosmos, etc.

Big company

Electroshield Samara combines several production sites, a network of regional representative offices, a design organization in Russia and the CIS. Electroshield Samara is a full-cycle engineering holding capable of building turnkey power facilities of any complexity on its own. In-house production of the main components for key products of the company (for example, KTP-SESH and KRU-SESH) reduces the production and delivery time of equipment, allows to set attractive prices for customers.


Electroshield Samara performs complex works on the construction, modernization and reconstruction of power facilities turnkey, as well as certain types of engineering works. We are engaged in design engineering, production and delivery of material and technical resources, installation and commissioning, maintenance, warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

  • production and delivery of material and technical resources;
  • construction;
  • installation and commissioning works;
  • maintenance, warranty and post-warranty maintenance.


One of the priority areas of Electroshield Samara is development and implementation of new designs of electrical products. Electroshield Samara is the only company in Russia with half a century of design experience. The share of new products in production reaches 75%.

Strategic goal

The strategic goal of Electroshield Samara is to create domestic competitive equipment, build new substations and introduce new capacities, improve the reliability of the power system, strengthening the state's energy security.

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