KTP-SESH outdoor MV/LV substations in metal covering

General Description

KTP-SESH outdoor MV/LV substations in metal covering provide safety and convenient operating. Largest choice of mounting and functional solutions.

100% readiness in production
Transportation with transformer
Stage up power increase is available.
Largest number of features.
Full range of arrangements solutions.
Anticorrosive coat.

Technical Characteristics

Rated voltage MV, kV
6; 10
Rated voltage LV, kV
Power, kVA
63-1 000 
Number of outgoing lines
up to 12


KTP-SESH-N 6(10)/0,4 kV

KTP-SESH-N has power from 63 to 1000 kVA, wide maintenance corridor in LV site. LV switchgear equipment located in separated cabinets with service doors. Also KTP-SESH-Н can be equipped with up to 12 outgoing lines 0,4 kV. Capacitor banks are also available.