Every company has to constantly adapt to be in step with market development. This is especially true for Electroshield Samara, a company that is focused to projects to do with, and is leading in supplying low, mid and high voltage equipment and solutions in an everchanging market. The stable rate of return of our business goes together with mobility, flexibility, and competitiveness – our drivers to creating a supply chain and providing a competitive superiority of Electroshield Samara.

Because of this we adjust our company, advance out processes, analyze the portfolios of our suppliers, and seek out partners with which we can develop our business openly and justly. Each of us plays a key role in securing the future of Electroshield Samara. Let us work together towards great achievements.

Supplier Operating Guideline
Supplier Code of Conduct
Supplier Approval

Supplier Approval

  • Electroshield’s mission is to work with the best-in-class suppliers as business partners for which Electroshield (Electroshield Samara) follows a systematic approach for supplier management.
  • Supplier shall provide their complete information in RFI (request for information), SSA (supplier self-assessment) and sign the NDA (non-disclosure agreement).
  • Supplier shall provide additional documents requested by Electroshield Samara buyer for analysis.
  • Offers submitted by supplier against RFQ’s shall be supported by detailed cost breakdown sheets.
  • All information provided by supplier should be correct and updated.
  • Electroshield prefers to work with suppliers who have a certified quality management system ISO 9001, environmental management system ISO 14001, occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001 (OHSAS 18001).
  • Supplier shall permit Electroshield’s representatives to conduct audit of their business processes and / or technological audit.
  • Supplier shall submit the action plan for all observations raised during the audit with clear completion dates and also submit status on a regular basis.
  • On successful completion of the supplier validation process, the supplier is approved.

Initial Sample Approval
  • Part qualification is conducted in accordance to Electroshield Samara’s PPEP process (part product evaluation plan) or an equivalent process specifying all steps for validation.
  • Supplier shall select the correct manufacturing technology that has the capability to meet the requirements.
  • Supplier shall develop and maintain the tools required to manufacture the parts as per Electroshield Samara requirement.
  • If some parameters cannot be measured at supplier premises, supplier shall get these verified by certified / approved laboratories and agreed by Electroshield Samara quality.
  • Supplier shall provide the required number of samples and all documents required by Electroshield Samara as per the defined validation plan. 
  • Supplier shall permit Electroshield Samara’s representatives to conduct technological audit of manufacturing process to ensure repeatability and reliability.
  • Once parts are qualified, supplier will not carry out any changes in the manufacturing process including material, machines, operators, their tier-2 suppliers etc. without the prior approval of Electroshield Samara. Supplier shall retain all documents, manufacturing process parameters, samples (if returned by Electroshield Samara) for the approved initial samples.

Supplier Registration / Re-registration

On successful qualification as per Electroshield Samara procedure, the supplier has to be registered in the Electroshield Samara database for which following mandatory documents are to be provided:

  1. Accounting reports and statutory documents
    • Report of financial results for the previous calendar year (*)
    • Balance sheet for the previous calendar year (*)
    • Current version of the organization charter
    • Certificate of registration with the tax authority
    • Certificate of registration of a legal entity
    • Documents confirming the authority of the head (order or power of attorney)
    • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL) (not earlier than 30 days prior to the date of establishment / editing of the supplier) (*)
  2. Reporting of tax
    • Information on the status of payments from the Federal Tax Service (valid for 30 calendar days) (*)
  3. Reporting of social funds
    • Reporting in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (RSV-1) for the previous quarter.
    • Information on average number of employees for the previous calendar year (*)
  4. Documents for location (office, warehouse, industrial premises)
  • Certificate of ownership or Lease contract (*)
  1. Justification of interaction
    • Reason for choosing a supplier with supporting documents (competitive list, dealer certificate etc.)
    • Copies of licenses, SRO (Self-Regulating Organization) certificates - for contractors.

Every year the suppliers have to be re-registered for which the documents marked (*) above and / or as requested by the Electroshield Samara buyer are to be provided to Electroshield Samara buyer, latest by end April, failing which the registration shall be cancelled.

The supplier must comply with the Russian Authority Requirements, Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, laws and standards that govern the handling, use and registration of obligations of Equipment and Material. This compliance must be proved by according Certificates and Permits. The supplier must inform the responsible buyer, at Electroshield Samara in writing, of any changes to the management systems, certification status and contact personnel.

Purchase Order
  • Supply of parts / services to Electroshield Samara without a valid purchase order (PO) is prohibited.
  • Purchase orders from Electroshield Samara for goods / services can be digitally or physically signed.
  • On receipt of a valid PO from Electroshield Samara for supply of goods / services, supplier is obliged to (1) confirm receipt of PO to Electroshield Samara procurer within 1 day and (2) review the contents of PO and send a formal acceptance in the form of signed and stamped PO copy to Electroshield Samara procurer as a token of acceptance of all PO conditions, within 2 days from receipt of the PO.
  • In case any PO condition is not acceptable to supplier, it should be discussed with Electroshield Samara procurer and new conditions should be mutually agreed upon. The supplier shall then send a scanned, signed and stamped copy of the PO with the new agreed conditions as a token of acceptance. This process should be completed within 2 days of receipt of PO. Electroshield Samara procurer, at its own prerogative, may send the revised PO with mutually agreed conditions in which case the above steps for PO receipt and acceptance have to be followed.
  • PO conditions accepted by supplier will form the basis of supplier performance evaluation.

Loading and Transportation
  • Lifting and securing product to the truck should not cause damage to the product such as gouging, scratching of surfaces, dents, deformation etc. Use special care for aluminum, stainless steel and painted parts.
  • In case of FTL / FCL (full truck load / full container load), there shall be no transshipment on the way to Electroshield Samara facility or to any other destination confirmed by Electroshield Samara.
  • Large products such as structural steel, are to be suitably loaded and secured on trucks to prevent damage during loading, transportation and unloading at Electroshield Samara.
  • To avoid damage to products, it is recommended to avoid stacking of structural material. However, if it cannot be avoided, devices such as dunnage, wood, plastic, rubber, or other material (that does not deteriorate during shipping) must be used to protect the surface of the metal parts (especially if the product is painted).
  • Suppliers of large sheet metal / structural steel parts must take pictures after the product is loaded and secured to the truck and provide those pictures to Electroshield Samara.
  • Suppliers should inform the readiness of consignment to Electroshield Samara, 5 days prior to shipment.


Each container / box / pallet must have a label on the outside surface. Delivery of goods without labels is prohibited and Electroshield Samara reserves the right to reject such consignment.

  • Material of labels (paper, film, adhesive, printing ink etc.) should not damage the basic packaging material and should suit the type of transport to Electroshield Samara – indoor or outdoor and ensure a minimum life of 3 years’ storage at Electroshield Samara, depending on the commodity.
  • Labels should be easily locatable, readable, free from smudge / overwriting / other defects and fixed on the basic packaging in a way that it is not lost during handling / transportation. Do not fix the label across taped joints to avoid damage during opening the box. When palletizing a shipment, ensure the label is visible.
  • Labels should contain the following information:
    • Supplier Name and Logo
    • Electroshield Samara part number (as per the PO)
      • Supplier catalogue / part number may be included wherever applicable
    • Electroshield Samara part name / description (as per the PO)
    • Electroshield Samara Purchase order (PO) number
      • Electroshield Samara Customer Project Number (if mentioned in Electroshield Samara PO)
    • Quantity of parts in box / container
    • Electroshield Samara measurement unit (as per the PO)
    • For references with limited shelf-life, in addition to the above, labels should mandatorily contain the following information:
      • Manufacturing batch number
      • Date of manufacturing
      • Date of expiry
      • Recommended storage conditions
  • For following category of goods, appropriate labels with international symbols (example, class of hazardous product, fragile, this side up, do-not-stack etc.) should be fixed on package at least from two sides (not parallel to each other).
    • Special handling conditions
    • Special conditions during transport
    • Hazardous / flammable products
  • If there are more than one box or container, label on every box should indicate the box count and the total count of all boxes on the shipment and should be linked to the box count in packing list. Example if there are four (4) boxes, each box must be identified as 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4, and 4 of 4.
  • Where stacking of boxes / containers is allowed, the maximum number of tiers and stacking weight should be mentioned on each box / container.
  • For references sent by Electroshield Samara for surface treatment, supplier(s) shall put labels with Electroshield Samara code number on the parts after processing to ensure traceability at Electroshield Samara premises. For hot dip galvanizing (HDG), supplier(s) should do the processing without removing the metal tags (with part number embossed) fitted on the parts by Electroshield Samara.

  • Goods must be packed professionally using new packaging material, unless specially agreed to by Electroshield Samara. Supply of parts in gunny bags or other unprofessional packaging is strictly prohibited.
  • Packaging design should be robust and capable of delivering the parts to Electroshield Samara or other location defined by Electroshield Samara, in good and defect-free condition. This includes surface transport in covered / open condition, sea and air transport.
  • Bigger parts like sheet metal / structural steel parts etc. should be suitably wrapped with “stretch film” to avoid damage during transit or another type of packaging to avoid the rust formation on the surface of metal.
  • There should be only one reference in one packaging. Placement of several references in one packaging is not allowed, except for KITs.
  • When the reference being supplied is a KIT,
    • all parts of the kit are to be packed in one box or container and the label should indicate the parts packed inside the container / box. Packing individual parts of the kit in separate boxes is strictly prohibited.
    • For kits with small parts, it is advisable to pack multiple kits in a single box / container, provided there are physically separate compartments (created using partitions) with one kit per compartment. However, the packaging design and quantity of kits per box has to be specifically agreed with Electroshield Samara.
  • Spare parts should be packed separately from production orders. Package must clearly be identified as “SPARE PARTS” along with a list of all parts inside the box or container.
  • When quantity and size of boxes / containers allow, the consignment should be on a pallet.
    • pallets should be of Euro design with dimensions 1200 * 800 mm
    • maximum height of pallet should be 800 +/-50 mm
    • maximum weight of pallet should be 500 kg
    • boxes / containers should be “bunched” using shrink-wrap or by other appropriate means and secured to the pallet with metal / plastic tapes.
  • Oversized goods should be “bunched” using shrink-wrap, additional reinforcement or by other appropriate means, arranged in a manner that “bunched” parts do not exceed the pallet dimensions and are secured to plastic / wooden Euro pallet with metal / plastic tapes to ensure stability of cargo during handling and transportation. Oversized goods should be arranged in a manner that allows use of fork-lift for loading / unloading from a truck.
  • In cases where wooden pallet cannot be used owing to physical characteristics of freight, they should be packed with other suitable means.

Note: ALL packaging requirements above apply to your suppliers as well. Especially when your supplier sends product directly to Electroshield Samara or Electroshield Samara customer.

Performance Measurement

Supplier shall track their performance on the KPI’s:

  • ESSR for on-time, in-full deliveries

  • S-DPM, S-DPH for quality

In case supplier’s performance is below the target value, supplier shall take suitable measures to improve the performance level.

Suppliers shall always endeavor to maintain a high performance level for quality, cost and delivery to ensure they achieve and sustain “Preferred” supplier status.

Non-Conformity Management
  • Right of rejection: Electroshield Samara reserves the right to reject deliveries of purchased materials or parts due to quality deficiencies (incl. environmental safety deficiencies) detected after the acceptance by Electroshield Samara.
  • Defective part / product / services: Supplier shall take full responsibility for any non-conforming supply detected at Electroshield Samara or at Electroshield Samara customer site and shall implement all actions as agreed with Electroshield Samara and at their own cost.
    • Replacement: Supplier shall replace the defective parts detected at Electroshield Samara or Electroshield Samara customer site and bear all cost including transportation.
    • Sorting / rework: Supplier shall, at his cost, organize sorting and rework at Electroshield Samara and / or Electroshield Samara customer site, as per procedure agreed with Electroshield Samara. If these activities are managed by Electroshield Samara, supplier shall reimburse all cost incurred by Electroshield Samara.
    • Problem solving: Supplier shall use 8D methodology for problem solving with detailed root cause analysis to ensure containment in 2 working days, corrective actions in 2 weeks and preventive actions in 2 months.
  • Deviation / changes: Supplier shall submit a formal deviation approval request or change request to Electroshield Samara. Implementation of such request is only permitted after written approval from Electroshield Samara and all cost involved shall be borne by the supplier.
  • Claim Management

    • Supplier shall agree, in principle, to reimburse the cost / damages incurred by Electroshield Samara due delayed deliveries and non-conforming parts / products.
    • Such cases shall be discussed and agreed with suppliers considering a long term business relationship.

    Documentation for Payment
    • Invoice
    • Unified form N TORG-12 (see comments above)
    • Consignment Note

    Note: Information on all Reception and Payment documents should match with each other and also with the actual physical verification of consignment at Electroshield Samara (correct part, quantity…..). Any type of mismatch will lead to rejection of consignment or delay in acceptance of goods and payment.

    Documentation for Reception
    • Suppliers are obliged to provide a complete packet of following documents, in original, with every delivery:
      • Certificate defined per commodity by Electroshield Samara or letter stating that the goods are not subject to certification
      • Way Bill
      • Invoice
      • Packing List
        • must be provided for every accompanying document.
        • quantity of cargo pieces in the packing list shall correspond to the quantity of cargo pieces in the Way Bill and the Document of Sale (Delivery Note).
        • Must contain the information as specified below:
          • Electroshield Samara Purchase order number
          • Box number of the total number of boxes e.g. Box 2 of 4
          • Electroshield Samara part number(s) (as per the PO) in each box
          • Electroshield Samara part name / description (as per the PO) in each box
          • Quantity of every part in each box
          • Electroshield Samara measuring unit (as per the PO) of every part in each box
      • For supplies from overseas suppliers:
        • Delivery Note, Invoice, Packing List
          • Electroshield Samara PO number must be specified in the delivery note and the packaging list
      • Passport
        • Operation Manual
        • Consignment Note
        • Unified Form N TORG-12
        • Electroshield Samara code must be specified in the column "name, characteristic, grade, article of goods" in TORG-12
      • Reports defined per commodity by Electroshield Samara
    • Packing List and Invoice should mention the Electroshield Samara customer order number when provided.
    • When a packing list / invoice cannot comply with the above requirements, provide separate documentation with all of the appropriate information as an attachment to the packing list.
    • Do not list items on the Packing List / Invoice that are not shipped.
    • Documents for quality approval
      • Supplier shall guarantee that the supplied materials and products conform to the agreed quality requirements. This is to be confirmed by Supplier using the necessary measures such as final inspection or regular dispatch audits.
      • Supplier, wherever requested by Electroshield Samara, provide the manufacturing process documentation and written records from the supplier.
      • Supplier shall demonstrate the quality compliance for every delivery by enclosing the test reports / certificates, inspection reports (with specification, measurement and decision – ok / not ok), calibration certificates etc. and / or as per the requirements defined by Electroshield Samara quality department.
      • Supplier shall allow Electroshield Samara representatives to conduct / witness the quality verification procedure at supplier end.

    Electroshield Samara’s vision is to be the leader in Russian market with the best-in-class products and processes that support our value proposition. It is our strategy to actively support Customer’s efforts by delivering performing solutions for a Safe, Efficient and Reliable Energy management:
    • to develop products that are highly compliant to the most stringent safety and environmental standards
    • to continuously improve the environmental footprint of these products
    • to reduce Green House Gas emissions and be a leading contributor to Climate Change prevention initiatives

    Electroshield Samara’s Sustainable Development agenda is clearly visible in our Planet & Society program encompassing all dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility. It implies fundamental expectations towards its Suppliers and these expectations are listed within this ‘Supplier Code of Conduct’ which should be considered a part of our Purchasing Terms & Conditions. To proceed with those expectations, we recommend to all our Suppliers to leverage the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO26000 guidance documents which will enhance their possibility of becoming our “Preferred” suppliers.

    Electroshield Samara employees are individually committed to align and practice the ‘Principles of Responsibility’ (PoR) that include conditions and behaviours to be demonstrated in relationships with 3rd parties and relevant members. Supply Chain activities and especially in Purchasing activities, these are specifically deployed in accordance with those principles. As a Supplier, if you are requested by a Electroshield Samara employee to engage in any action that is not compliant with the present Code of Conduct, we kindly ask you to inform us through our Responsibility & Ethics Dynamics process.

    Electroshield Samara is committed to protect the environment, and environmental responsibility is at the core of how we operate. Suppliers shall develop, implement, and maintain environmentally responsible business practices. Suppliers shall conduct routine monitoring of the environmental performance e.g.: ISO14001.
    • Environmental Hazards
    Suppliers shall identify, manage, reduce and control risk of environmental hazards from their operations like Air Emissions, Water Pollution and use of hazardous substances.
    • Pollution prevention
    Suppliers shall obtain all required environmental permits (e.g. discharge monitoring), approvals and registrations. These must be maintained and kept current. Suppliers shall implement a systematic approach to identify, manage, reduce, and responsibly dispose of or recycle solid waste.
    • Energy consumption and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions
    Suppliers are to look for cost-effective methods to improve energy efficiency and to minimize their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

    Human Rights
    Suppliers are committed to uphold the human rights of workers, and to treat them with dignity and respect as understood by the international community. This applies to all workers including temporary, migrant, student, contract, direct employees, and any other type of worker.
    • Child Labour
    Suppliers shall only employ workers and school interns who meet the applicable minimum legal age requirement as per local laws. Suppliers shall also comply with all other applicable child labour laws according to local regulations.
    • Student rights
    Suppliers shall provide appropriate support and training to all student workers at the wage rate compliant to local law. In the absence of a local law, the wage rate for student workers, interns and apprentices shall be at least the same wage rate as other entry-level workers performing equal or similar tasks.
    • Non-Discrimination and Diversity promotion
    Suppliers should be committed to a workforce free of harassment and unlawful discrimination. Suppliers shall not engage in discrimination based on race, colour, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, union membership or marital status in hiring and employment practices such as promotions, rewards and access to training. Suppliers are encouraged to actively promote and develop diversity, in particular gender diversity and equitable access to responsibilities and management positions.
    • Conflict Minerals
    Suppliers shall ensure that the products provided to Electroshield Samara are in compliance with requirements covered under the scope of Conflict Minerals
    Labour Practices
    Suppliers are committed to ensure that all their workers are provided with a fair and ethical workplace.
  • Freely chosen Employment
  • Suppliers shall commit not to use forced, bonded (including debt bondage), involuntary prison labor, slavery or trafficking.
  • Compliance to Labour Regulations
  • Suppliers shall comply with all applicable labour laws according to local regulations. International Labour Organization (ILO) recommendations should be leveraged whenever possible in particular in terms of minimum age of workers.
  • Working Conditions
  • Suppliers shall apply employee relations practices. Working hours, wages, benefits must be consistent with local laws and industry standards, including those pertaining to minimum wages, overtime, other elements of compensation and legally mandated benefits.
  • Health & Safety
  • Workers health and safety well-being is important to Electroshield Samara. Suppliers shall provide and maintain a safe work environment and integrate sound health and safety management practices into their business. Workers shall have the right to refuse unsafe work and to report unhealthy working conditions. Suppliers shall provide workers with appropriate personal protective equipment where hazards cannot be adequately controlled by other means and properly maintain physical guards, interlocks and barriers where machinery presents an injury hazard to workers. Suppliers shall commit to have no deviation to health and safety local regulations. Physically demanding work is to be identified, evaluated and controlled. On-site training on workplace Health and Safety must be done in their primary language. Ready access to potable water, sanitary food preparation and clean toilets are also to be provided. When provided by the Suppliers, housing and food should be maintained in decent conditions. Recognized management systems such as OHSAS18001 and ILO Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health can be used by the Supplier as a reference system.
  • Freedom of Association
  • In conformance with local laws, participants shall respect the right of all workers to form and join trade unions of their own choice, to bargain collectively and to engage in peaceful assembly as well as respect the right of workers to refrain from such activities.

    Fair Business Practices
    Electroshield Samara expects from its employees and its suppliers the highest standards of fair business practices and ethical conduct in all their endeavours. Electroshield Samara expects the following from its suppliers:
  • Business Ethics
  • Suppliers shall conduct their business in an ethical manner and act with integrity. Suppliers shall always be ethical in every aspect of their business, including relationships, practices, purchasing, and operations. All forms of bribery, corruption, extortion and embezzlement shall be clearly prohibited. Suppliers shall report to Electroshield Samara any Business misconduct from an employee of Electroshield Samara.
  • Transparency in doing business and reporting
  • Information regarding Suppliers’ labor, health and safety, environmental practices, business activities, structure, financial situation and performance is to be disclosed in accordance with applicable regulations and prevailing industry practices.
  • Intellectual Property
  • Intellectual property rights are to be respected; transfer of technology and know-how is to be done in a manner that protects intellectual property rights; and, customer information is to be safeguarded. In particular, Suppliers should be aware of counterfeiting risks and to all extent possible, protect Electroshield Samara from receiving counterfeit products or sub components.
  • Protection of Identity and Non-Retaliation
  • Programs that ensure the confidentiality, anonymity and protection of Suppliers and employee whistleblowers are to be maintained, unless prohibited by law. Participants should have a communicated process for their personnel to be able to raise any concerns without fear of retaliation.
  • Partnering to Global Initiative
  • Electroshield Samara strongly encourages suppliers to engage in global initiatives, in particular ISO26000, Global Compact and EICC.

    Sustainable Purchasing
    Suppliers shall engage socially and economically different categories of suppliers through inclusive sourcing processes that promote equal opportunities. Suppliers shall communicate this code of conduct to their own suppliers and shall monitor their suppliers’ compliance. Electroshield Samara reserves the right to organize jointly with the Supplier an audit of a tier 2 supplier
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