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Electroshield Samara is a high-tech manufacturing company with a seventy-five-year history and an impeccable reputation, the largest manufacturer of 0.4-220 kW electrotechnical equipment in Russia.

The enterprise was founded in 1943. The President of the Company is Vladimir Vitalyevich Shatunin.

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Individual approach and mass production

Electroshield Samara combines all the advantages of an individual approach with the speed of mass production. Production is carried out on non-typical schemes, emergency production and delivery to strategically important facilities of the Russian Federation.

A complex approach

A network of service centers covers the entire country. Project institutes and an assembly organization within the company allow to carry out a full cycle of works:
Design - supply - installation - service.

Leadership and innovation

The enterprise occupies a leading position in the market. We are trendsetters in the electrotechnical industry; we develop and implement innovative solutions.

Quality and experience

Experienced design service accumulates and updates the technological potential of the enterprise. The testing center within the company guarantees reliable long-term operation of our equipment to equipment.

A wide product line

The widest range of electrical products, equipped with components of its own production.

The birth of the plant Electroshield Samara, associated the Kuibyshev hydroelectric project in the area of the holiday village «Krasnaya Glinka». In 1938 three wooden barracks for temporary mechanical workshops were built on the present territory of the enterprises. They were destined to become the first workshops of the future plant.

History of the company

Equipment Electrical switchboard Samara is used in all branches of power engineering: substations feeding the oil fields of Siberia and the Sochi Olympic facilities, coal mines of Kuzbass and traction substations of railways, nuclear power plants, oil refineries and thousands of urban substations.

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