History of the company

The birth of the plant Electroshield Samara, associated the Kuibyshev hydroelectric project in the area of the holiday village «Krasnaya Glinka». In 1938 three wooden barracks for temporary mechanical workshops were built on the present territory of the enterprises. They were destined to become the first workshops of the future plant.

In 1940, the construction of the Kuibyshev hydroelectric complex was mothballed. Repair shops on «Krasnaya Glinka» were transferred to the NKVD. During the Great Patriotic War, they played the role of an auxiliary base for aviation plants evacuated to Kuibyshev.


The repair shops performed a significant amount of work for defense enterprises. Therefore, on July 14, 1943, by Order № 0278 they were reorganized into Plant No. 4 of the Material and Technical Supply Administration of the NKVD, this date is considered to be the birthday of the Electroshield Samara plant.

In October 1944, Yevgeny Tereshchenko was appointed director of the plant (until 1953), and Vasyl Yakovlevich Volodchenko was appointed as the chief engineer. Under their leadership, mechanical workshops turned into a machine-building plant capable to solve national importance tasks.

In 1945, a large improvement of technological processes began.

Without project for reconstruction and material resources, Tereshchenko deployed the construction of new workshops under the guise of major repairs. The first building of the foundry was laid.

Buildings of shops were built at an accelerated pace, apartment houses were erected. The settlement begins to be built up: the first, second and third residential quarters, asphalted roads.

The construction of the first building of the plant - foundry shop was completed in 1947. Throughout history, the company has not stopped construction and renovation, modernization of the technical base and new production technologies development.

On October 6, 1949, under the order of the NKVD of the USSR No. 672, plant No. 4 was transferred to «Glavgidrovolgodonstroy», later, «Glavgidrostroy». The enterprise was re-profiled to produce new products for the construction of the Volga-Don Canal, Tsimlyanskaya and Kuibyshevskaya HPP. This generally formed its own profile of the enterprise.

In the early fifties, the plant became the main repair and mechanical base for the construction of the Kuibyshev hydroelectric power station. There were repaired earthmoving equipment, manufactured the necessary metal structures, pipes, cast iron, electrodes for cooking, etc. Orders of KGES accounted for more than 80% of the volume of all products produced

The first power station on the Volga eventually became a kind of monument to the talent and selfless labor of the workers and specialists of the enterprise. The plant is involved in a landmark event in the history of the great river: it was on Krasnaya Glinka that a floating bridge was built, from which the Volga was covered on June 8, 1957.

By the end of the construction of the Kuibyshev Hydroelectric Power Station, construction sites were being deployed throughout the country: Bratsk, Ust-Ilim, Saratov, and many others. The plant began to fulfill orders not only for «Kuibyshevgidrostroy».

After the launch of the KGES, the company attaches subordination to the Ministry of Power Stations of the USSR and, according to order No. 90 of September 2, 1958, changes its name to «Electroshield». On March 7, 1959, an order was issued for the conversion of «Electroshield» to the production of electrical products, namely, complete transformer substations.

The plant was completely reconstructed: a substation workshop, an electromechanical and engineering building were constructed, renewed power supply and water supply systems, boiler-houses were converted to gas. The technical re-equipment of the plant required a lot of new high-performance equipment, it was purchased in Kaliningrad and Tallinn, but in the majority it was designed and manufactured at the Kuibyshev defense plants.

By the end of 1959, the first prototypes of complete switchgear (KRU) were manufactured. Electrical board Samara made the first step in the electrical industry.

The enterprise began to rapidly increase production volumes, annual growth was about 50%. In the 1960s, the «Electroshield Samara» was developing the production of block transformer substations, current conductors, busbars and other electrical products.

The design department of the plant is constantly working on the development and improvement of equipment.

In 1968 the enterprise was instructed to master the production of corrugated board for the construction of the «VAZ». «Electroshield Samara» launches the first in the USSR profile bending machine of the French company "Comec". The factory produces a corrugated profile, window bindings, wall partitions, special fasteners and other products. Later, the building structures of the enterprise were supplied to «KamAZ», «Atommash» and tens of thousands of other important facilities for the country.

In 1974 the panel and coating shop was commissioned. In 1975, the English line for painting rolled metal "REDMAN" and the line for the production of three-layer panels - "sandwich" with polyurethane foam "Elastogran" was launched. The enterprise is rapidly mastering the production of lightweight building structures.

In the late 70-ies the plant began to produce consumer goods: kiosks, trade pavilions, greenhouses and caravans. In 1988, a mill was built for the production of building profiles for the installation of plasterboard. In 1989, the production of small-sized garages for cars, so-called "shells", was set up. During this period Electroshield Samara built and launched the mill for production of corrugated board "SS 10" by its own efforts.

The beginning of the 90th gives the company an opportunity to expand the range of manufactured equipment. At the board of directors,«Electroshield» JSC made the most important strategic decision, which in many ways determined the fate of the plant. According to this decision, the enterprise in the shortest time mastered the production of electrical products intended for all sectors of the national economy. A completely new range of products has been developed, and their serial production has been organized. Another important step was the beginning of the production of consumer goods: garages-shells, greenhouses, car trailers and much more.

Thanks to a competent strategy, the company managed to survive the crisis, overcome the default and build a new business strategy in accordance with market conditions.

In parallel with the main production direction - the manufacture of electrical products, an additional impetus in its development was the production of construction products. In 2002, the first branch of the plant - Separated subdivision for the production of construction industry products on Olimpiyskaya Street - began operating.

In 2003, the company was restructured, the name and form of ownership of the enterprise were changed, all production divisions specializing in the manufacture of electrical products were merged into Closed Joint-Stock Company GK Electroshield - TM Samara.

The guarantee of stable development in the new economic conditions has become compliance with the needs of the market. Being one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment, the Electroshield Samara began to work in a promising direction for the domestic energy sector - engineering. A subdivision for capital construction was created, a network of regional service centers and representative offices was established throughout Russia and CIS countries, as well as its own Engineering Center was built.

Today Electroshield Samara, unites several production sites, a network of regional offices, a project organization in Russia and the CIS. Electrical panel Samara is a full-cycle engineering holding company capable of performing its own construction of energy facilities of any complexity on a turn-key basis. We have our own well-established production, which shortens the time of manufacture and delivery of equipment and allows us to set attractive prices for customers. Also Electroshield Samara, can offer to customers installation and commissioning, service, warranty and after-sales service. We are proud that we are preparing complete solutions for you on a turn-key basis. Electroshield Samara is not just a company tested over few decade, we are a team that consists of professionals in their field and we create solutions for the future, "The Energy of Your Future".