Outdoor disconnecting link 110 kV

General Description

Outdoor disconnecting link 110 kV provides reliable nominal current conduction and provides interruption in current lines with frequency 50, 60 Hz with rated voltage 110 kV. Disconnecting link provides safe commutation of excitation current and line charging current. Outdoor disconnecting link 110 kV is applicable to transformer substations KTP-SESH-B (M) and indoor and outdoor distribution gears.

All packages available.
Unattended contacts made from beryllium-copper.
Zinc coating.
Convenient montage.
Remote control.
Reliable system of blockings.
Efficient drivers.

Technical Characteristics

Rated voltage, kV
Rated current, A
1 250; 2 000
Electrodynamic stability current, kA
80; 100 
Mechanical durability On/Off cycles
До 10 000 
Working temperature, °С


RN(P)-SESH-110/1250 (2000)

RN(P)-SESH has single or three pole design. Reinforced insolation and zinc coating.

RN(K, SK)-SESH-110/1250 (2000)

RN(K, SK)-SESH covered with zinc. Disconnection links are used for complex landscape, substation and switchgear borders.

RGP-SESH-110/1250 (2000)

RGP-SESH has single or three pole design. Paintwork for certain types. Used for compact KTPB solutions.


Earthing electrode ZON-SESH, designed for power transformers neutral earthing, without earth fault protection. Earthing electrode is placed on transformer substations in alternating current networks for nominal voltage 110 kV.