General Description

VGT-SESH-110 is three-pole SF-6 circuit breaker, having common frame, controlled by one spring-motor drive. Extinguishing and insulating medium is presented by SF6 gas or gas mixture (SF6+CF4). The circuit breaker operation principle is gas blast, arc extinguishing is provided by gas flow under high pressure.

Circuit breaker closing is done by pre-loaded spring. Circuit breaker tripping is done by opening spring. Opening spring is loaded during circuit breaker closing.

VGT-SESH-110 are used both for new construction in 110 kV complete transformer substations, and for replacing circuit breakers that have exhausted their endurance, isolators, short-circuiting switches.

The circuit breaker has the following features:

  • Steel elements are hot galvanized.
  • A convenient SF-6 density indicator with automatic temperature compensation, equipped with two-level annunciator and three-colour round scale;
  • Circuit breaker position indicator is clearly visible;
  • Reliable spring drive;
  • Pressure relief system for substation and personnel protection;
  • Arc extinguish chamber with integrated double contact motion technology and automatic blow system;
  • Retaining dielectric strength of circuit breaker insulation in case of SF-6 overpressure loss;
  • Capacitive current tripping without restrikes;
  • Low noise level during closing, tripping;
  • Availability of two-stage heating and its function control;
  • Low overvoltage level upon commutation.
Quick installation. Delivery of partially assembled circuit breaker
Innovative approach to tightness

Technical Characteristics

Parameter description Value
Rated voltage, kV 110
Maximum operating voltage, kV 126
Rated frequency, Hz 50
Power frequency test voltage (1 min), kV 230
Full lightning impulse test voltage, kV 650
Rated current, A 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3150
Rated breaking current, kA 25; 31,5;40
Short-circuit current flow time, s 3
Short-time electrodynamic current (maximum peak), kA 63;80;102
Standard dead time upon automatic reclosing, s 0,3
Weight, no less than, kg 1500

Circuit breakers meet the requirements of GOST 52565-2006
Climatic category of circuit breakers:
  • U from minus 45°C to plus 40°C
  • HL* from minus 50°C to plus 40°C
  • Placement category 1 under GOST 15150
  • Earthquake resistance by MSR-64 up to magnitude 9
  • Insulation pollution degree III and IV under GOST 9920-89
Reliability parameters:
  • Service life of circuit breaker for mechanical durability (M2) – 10,000 cycles.
  • Service life for switching durability – 20 trips of rated short-circuit currents.
  • Life cycle – 40 years.
  • Warranty period – 5 years.