MV Switchgears Primary & Secondary in modular buildings

General Description

The construction of complex power facilities, such as substations and switchgears, is often associated with a high cost of capital construction due to the remoteness of facilities, the lack of a developed transport infrastructure, and the presence of difficult climatic conditions of operation.

 The company Electroshield Samara offers an alternative solution for objects with a high cost of capital construction - manufacturing and delivery of complete equipment for switchgear and substations installed in transportable block-modules.

 MV Switchgears in the block-modular designed for outdoor using and is designed for receiving and distributing electric energy of a three-phase electric current with frequency 50 Hz with a rated voltage of 6-35 kV. Primary & Secondary swtichgears in block-modules can be used in the network as an independent device, and as part of HV transformer substations - KTP-SESH-B(M) 35 ... 220 kV.

Manufacturing and delivery of switchgears in block modules may include additional services:

  • Consultation;
  • Engineering;
  • Delivery of equipment;
  • Installation supervision works;
  • Construction and installation works;
  • Commissioning works.

Wide range of sizes for all possible customer needs: module width from 2,250 m to 3,5 m, length from 3 m to 12 m.
A flexible set of solutions depending on the transport capabilities and the area of operation (in terms of snow load) of the object: the lifting, demounting or radial roof of the module.
Options on request: antistatic linoleum, aluminum "lentil", additional anti-corrosion treatment of metal structures.
Maximum convenience and safety of maintenance personnel: fire and burglar alarm, fire extinguishing system, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, video surveillance, etc.
Factory readiness: the equipment is mounted within the transport module.
Special «mono-block» solution with the maximum degree of factory readiness (PV BOX, BKRU), performed within one block-module.

Technical Characteristics

Block-modular dimensions
Dimensions, m (width 2,25 × height 2,25 × depth 3 up to 12)
Cubicles order
Single line, double line
Internal hall for maintenance staff
Climatic version