General Description

Vacuum circuit breaker VVM-SESH has got unique magnet lock, which provides stable work of power system. Circuit breaker is safety for operational. Provided commutation in normal and emergency conditions for three-phase alternating current lines with frequency 50 Hz with rated voltage 6 kV. Fitted for small KRU-SESH, KSO-SESH and reclosers. Durable construction VVM-SESH without additional pole fixation.

Same size for nominal currents 1 000 and 1 600 А.
Magnet lock.
High durability.
Additional equipment such as first start device and manual oscillator.

Technical Characteristics

Rated voltage, kV        10
Rated current, A
1 000-4 000
Rated breaking current, kA
Mechanical durability On/Off cycles
up to 50 000



В VVM-SESH has got unique magnet system, which provides reliable work. Vacuum circuit breakers’ weight 36 kg. VVM-SESH – is efficient construction without cooling radiators.

VVM-SESH-3-10-20/1000 BPM

Vacuum circuit breaker VVM-SESH with classic implementation magnet locking driver. Circuit breaker has efficient construction without cooling radiators. VVM-SESH – is accessible solution for renewal – retrofit.


VVM-SESH, provides standardized feeders and lead-ins equipment. Circuit breaker has got unique magnet lock, which provides stable work of power system, smaller size and weighs only 43 kg.


Control unit VV-SESH-B, operated by all types of vacuum switches VVM-SESH. The wide range of the control unit VV-SESH-B, can control the operational power supply, de-shunting and current circuits.


The manual generator RG-SESH provides charging of the control unit of the vacuum switch with a magnetic latch. There are two modifications: stationary, for placement in the switchgear cabinet, and portable.