General Description

Transformers power dry three-phase with cast insulation TLS(3)-SESH on a voltage class 10 kV. Transformers are designed to work indoors in temperate climates.

TLS(3)-SESH 10 kV are manufactured both in open design with the degree of protection IP00 and in the protected version (protective cover) with the degree of protection IP21, 31.

High dynamic resistance because the coil is not exposed to moisture and pollution.
Care for the environment. The lack of oil in the transformer as the main contaminant leakage.
High level of fire safety. The transformer windings are not flammable.
The operating costs have been reduced, since periodic inspection and replacement of the dielectric liquid is no longer necessary.
Reduced no-load losses and short circuit protection relative to other producers in the standard version.

Technical Characteristics

Name Power, kVA
Voltage HV/LV, kV Connection diagram
Idling losses, W
Short-circuit losses, W
Short circuit voltage, %
25 10,00/0,40;
165 435 3,2
100 6,30/0,40
300 1 410