General Description

Switchgear and control gear KRU-SESH-70 is intended for receipt and distribution of electric energy of three-phase alternating current with frequency of 50 Hz with different rated values of voltage and current.

KRU-SESH-70 is used:

  • in oil and gas industry;
  • in coal and metallurgic industry;
  • in energocomplex power distribution networks;
  • for industrial companies needs;
  • for urban and municipal networks;
  • in a station auxiliaries system including NPP;
  • for railway power supply.
Switchgear and control gear SESH-70 have patents for utility models: Nos. 74525, 75255, 75257, 76746, 76752, 78377, 78378, 83660, 88844.


  • High reliable inductive proximity sensors instead of limit switches (upon customer request).
  • Allowable temperature rise warning of the cabinet busbar with the proximity sensors (upon customer request, up to 12 control points).
  • Earthing switch is located close to the facade, its energized blades are well seen through the window in the door.
  • Easily accessible voltage transformer at the input on the folding bracket.
  • All main units (circuit-breaker, current transformers and voltage transformers, insulators) of Russian production are made on the same plant that ensures their reliable joint operation.
  • Easy access to current transformers from the draw-out element section.
  • Possibility of full remote control of the withdrawable element, circuit-breaker, grounding.

Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics Value
Rated voltage, kV 35
Rated current,A 630-2 500
Rated short circuit breaking current, kA 25
Dimensions, mm (width x height x depth) 1200 / 2400 / 2960

List of sets of equipment

Accessory equipment Name
Vacuum circuit breaker HVX 40
Current transformers TOL-SESH-35
Zero-phase sequence current transformers TZLK-SESH
Zero-phase sequence transformers CSH 120; CSH 200
Voltage transformers ZNOL(P)-NTZ-35; ZNOL.01.PM1-35 SZTT