LV switchgears

Low voltage switchgears

General description
Technical information

General description

To create a really effective power supply system for power plants and substations in industrial enterprises, extractive and other objects, it is necessary to carefully choose low-voltage switchgears. After all, they help not only to distribute electric energy, but also to control and manage electric drive equipment. Therefore, you should contact Electroshield Samara! NKU manufactured by our company will become a reliable and functional part of the overall system, increase its productivity, and also allow to fine adjust all the required parameters for your object.

One of the best proofs of the company's products quality is their high popularity throughout Russia and abroad. Equipment of NKU-SESH series operate in regions with different climate, in different load systems and with different connection diagrams. This is possible because the equipment is characterized by such advantages as:

  • Stable operation. All components of the equipment are perfectly compatible with each other and operate trouble free in any situation. At the same time NKU production is made on up-to-date foreign equipment and under strict quality control. It is important to note that this product complies totally with the requirements and GOST R51321.1-2007 and IEC 61439-1:2013, and is produced as per TU 3433-093-15356352-2007 and TU 27.12.31-222-15356352-2017. Also it is worth mentioning the level of protection from IP30 to IP54 and high earthquake resistance.
  • A set of functions. Low voltage switchgears of Electroshield Samara are developed in such a way that they can be used in different modes. Due to the modular system of boards and their combination possibilities and the device expansion, the equipment can be flexibly adjusted. At the same time, its production suggests a partitioning system for sectioning 4b, so that you get the highest possible level of safety and service, and repair of your equipment in the future.
  • Complete set of delivery. The devices of NKU-SESH series produced by our company can be installed quickly on site, adjusted and connected to a common power supply system. The reason for this is the principle by which we supply equipment, which is always 100% ready for operation. Therefore, you can save valuable time for the installation and will be sure that the chosen equipment will not let you down in the crucial moment.
  • Best value. Big and rationally organized production, properly made direct supply chains to customers, reasonable margin-such factors allow us to maintain a favorable price for all NKU models. We can guarantee you that together with our company, when making an energy supply system, you will have one of the best quality and affordable prices in the Russian market. Make sure of it yourself already today!

A pragmatic approach for the evaluation of low-voltage switchgears makes the decision obvious in many ways: it is the product choice of Electroshield Samara. Several decades of experience and innovative technologies bring NKU production to the leading positions – our equipment will pay back all your investments!

Technical information

Scope of Application

  • Electric power supply for auxiliary systems of all types of power plants.
  • Completing of substations of pumping stations of gas pipelines, oil pipelines.
  • Systems of electric power supply and automation of industrial enterprises, communal infrastructure and substations of electric networks.
Product type



Brief description

LV switchgear

Rated current of collecting buses, A

800-5 000

630-4 000

Rated current of distribution (group) busbars, A

800-3 200

630-3 200

Automatic switches

Stationary, plug-in, withdrawable

Protection degree IP20, IP31, IP41, IP42, IP43 IP30, IP31, IP54
Type of main tenance

Single-sided, two-sided

Islanding form

1, 2b, 3b, 4b

Seismic resistance

9 points on the MSK 64 scale

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