General Description

LV switchgear NKU-SESH-M is dedicated to accept and distribute the electric energy with alternating-current(50/60Hz) and voltage 0.4(0.69) kV in solidly earthed and insulated neutral and protect outgoing feeders to short currents and overloads.

Local and remote monitoring of electrical equipment.
Wide range of scheme solutions.
High reliability due to the domestic manufactured electrical equipment and acceptance tests.
Possibility to apply as standard cooper as innovate aluminum bus bars.
Flexible design to realize the compact dimensions of a complete switchgear.
Epoxy coating to increase corrosion resistant.

Technical Characteristics

Rated current of collecting buses, A
630 – 4 000
Rated current of distributing (group) busbars, A
630 – 3 200
Rated operational voltage (Un), V

220; 380; 440; 480; 660; 240; 415; 460; 500; 690

Rated  impact withstand voltage (Uimp), kV
8; 12
Rated conditional short – circuit current (Icc), kV
up to 100
Short – term circuit current (Icw) 1s, kV
up to 220
Islanding form 
1, 2b; Зb; 4b
Circuit breaker
Fixed, plug-in, withdrawable