MV vacuum circuit breakers

Vacuum circuit breakers

General description
Technical information

General description

Nowadays Electroshield Samara manufactures more than 100 types of vacuum circuit breakers which meet virually any requirements of the switchgear designers.

Technical information

Scope of Application

Electroshield Samara vacuum circuit-breakers are used in switchgear of marine type and mining type. For outdated and alarm-state objects, modern designs have been developed.

Product type VVU-SESH-10;VVM-SESH-10 VVU-SESH-35; VVU-SESH-27,5 VVN-SESH-35; VVN-SESH-27,5
Drive Spring motor, Electromagnetic, Magnet latch Spring motor, Electromagnetic Spring motor, Electromagnetic
Climatic category U2, T3, OM3 U2, T3 UHL1
Rated voitage, kV 10 35 35
Rated current, A 1000; 1600; 2000; 2500; 3150; 4000 1000; 1600 1000; 1600; 2000
Short-time withstand current, kA 20; 31,5; 40; 50 20; 25 25; 31,5
Peak with stand current, kA 50; 80; 100; 125 50; 63 63; 80
Mechanical durability, CO cycles qty. 50000 25000 25000
Life cycle 30 25 25
Applied for Retrofit; Switchgear; Stationary equipment; Partitioning units Switchgear; retrofit Networks; MCTS
Insulation type Glass-filled polycarbonate; Silicon; Epoxy resin Epoxy resin Epoxy resin; organosilicon insulation
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