General Description

What is in your opinion the most important in creation of the power supply network for any large object regardless of the field? We in Electroshield Samara are sure that the main thing in this case is the sound approach: from the used components selection to the version. Therefore, KTP-SESH in a block-module produced by our company, block-modular substations are developed and produced with regard to the fact to provide you ready-made complex solution for effective receipt, transformation and distribution of electric energy of three-phase current with frequency of 50, 60 Hz and with voltage of 6, 10, 35 kV/0.4, 0.44, 0.69 kV. Such equipment guarantees you stable electrical network.

One of the best proofs for these words is the demand for this equipment. Our KTP in a block-module are used in oil and gas industry, light and heavy industry, agriculture, in construction of municipal networks, etc. In all these cases the clients of Electroshield Samara received complete transformer substations having a variety of significant advantages.

  • High reliability. In order for the equipment to last a long time in any situation, we take into account all the details. Components of KTP- SESH made in a block-module are 100% compatible – the equipment will not have conflict. Substation case is made on the basis of the robust carcass with the columns of 4 mm and has a welded foundation frame and ceiling – because of this it has earthquake resistance of 8 points (as per MSK 64). We also note that this equipment operates within the temperature range from -60°C up to +40°C. 
  • Wide functionality. This equipment is multipurpose and can be easily adapted for the specific tasks. The company offers lots of layout arrangements, dimensions of monoblocks (their length is 9, 10, 12 m – 2KTP-MB10-SESH model), versions (two-transformer substation is available), etc. Power transformers of TMG-SESH and TSLZ-SESH series with reduced losses are in the basis of any variant that increases the operation effectiveness of the whole created electrical network. 
  • Full completeness. All KTP-SESH in a block module produced by Electroshield Samara are ready for operation on site. Electrotechnical components are mounted in production and the control inspection of their functionability is performed on the plant. We can make the case applying the required decorative components, corporate colours of your company, etc. Thereby it will take not more than 1 working shift for installation, adjustment and start-up of the complete substation on site. 
  • Clever design. It will be comfortable for your employees to work with the offered equipment and also to serve it. For this reason the engineers will have an easy access in the block-modular substations, enough space, ventilation and lighting of high quality inside the ready-made modules and also easy replacement of any components. We note that the equipment has all PTW package: fire certificate, declaration of conformance and NPP license – they are available for review. 
  • Reasonable price. The price for KTP in a block-module offered by our company is one of the best prices in its segment in the Russian market. It is explained by the experience of development and production of this equipment for several decades and great outputs. If you collaborate directly with Electroshield Samara you do not pay commission to intermediate agents. Therefore the prices for complete transformer substations become lower, more reasonable, more profitable for your business – make sure of this yourself!
If you have any questions regarding KTP-SESH in a block module, our company work or delivery conditions, please, contact us by any means available. We in Electroshield Samara are always open to dialogue and search for mutually beneficial principles of work. Therefore, we are sure that in our company you will definitely meet a reliable partner for many years!

KTP-SESH in a block-module has a rigid framework structure with angular columns 4 mm thickness, foundation frame and ceiling are welded – these parameters provide the required reliability.
KTP-SESH in a block-module is supplied preassembled that allows to perform installation on site during one shift.
Check assembly of the equipment is made in the manufacturing plant.
A wide range of layout arrangements of KTP-SESH in a block-module.
Application of TSLZ-SESH power transformers with reduced losses.

Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics Value
Rated power, kVA 250-2 500
Type of transformer
Degree of fire resistance
Working temperature, °С
Seismic resistance up to 9 points on the MSK 64 scale