Indoor switchgear ZRU-SESH 110/10(6) kV

General Description

Indoor substation ZRU-SESH 110/10(6) kV is intended to use in the restrained urban conditions. Switchgears 10(6) kV and auxiliary rooms (battery compartment, Automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption, safety control panels, etc.) are located on the first floor of the substation building. Switchgear 110 kV is located on the second floor. Transformers are located in separate rooms.

Attractive external view.
Compact substation area.
Ease of maintenance.
Small weight of the structure in comparison with the buildings made of reinforced concrete makes cheaper the foundation construction.

Technical Characteristics

Technical Specifications Value
Rated voltage of high voltage side, kV
Rated voltage of low voltage side, kV
Capacity of power transformer, kVA
up to 63,000
Switchgear diagram
110-4Н; 110-5Н; 110-5АН
Building size, m²
Ambient temperature,˚С -60˚
Number of sections in a building 20

List of sets of equipment

Accessory equipment Name
Circuit breaker VGT-SESH-110
Voltage transformers
Current transformers
Vacuum circuit breaker