General Description

Indoor vacuum circuit breaker VVE-SESH-10 with spring-motor drive, for voltage class 10 kV AC, three phase, 50 Hz. The best choice for power distribution networks. Ideally fits in KRU-SESH-59, KRU-SESH-63, KRU-SESH-70 and KSO-SESH-298M.

VVE-SESH-10 are intended for switching of high-voltage three-phase AC circuits in nominal operating mode of installation, and also for automatic cutoff of such circuits upon short-circuit and overload arising in emergency modes.

Scope of Application

It is used only within integrated solutions of Electroshield Samara.

Wide product range for rated parameters
Configurable solution upon customer’s request

Technical Characteristics

Parameter description VVЕ-SESH 1(2,4,5)10-20/630(800,1250) VVЕ-SESH-1(2,3,4,5)-10-25/630(800,1250,1600,2500) VVЕ-SESH-1(2,3,4,5)-10-31,5/630(800,1250,1600,2500)
Rated voltage, kV 10 10 10
Rated current, A 630,800,1250 630,800,1250,1600,2500 630,800,1250,1600,2500
Rated breaking current, kA 20 25 31,5
Short-time withstand current, 3 s, kA 20 25 31,5
Short-time electrodynamic current, kA 50 63 79
Making currents, kA:
·maximum peak
·initial effective value of periodic component