General Description

Medium voltage primary air insulated switchgear KRU-SESH-65 is designed for receiving and distribution of electrical energy with rated voltage 35 kV. It is a cubicle in block-box with outdoor installation or indoor cubicle for capital buildings or modular buildings. It is used both as a separate switchgear and as a substation 220/35/10 (6), 110/35/10 (6), as a medium voltage switchgear, as an input device in complete transformer substations 35/10 (6 ) kV.

Cubicles inside modular building are protected from environment.
Made in Russia.
Cable or air input.

Technical Characteristics

Rated voltage, kV
Rated current, A
1 000,1 600
Rated withstand current, kA 25
Environment temperature, degree  -60˚  +40˚

List of sets of equipment

Accessory equipment     Name
Vacuum circuit breaker
Voltage transformer  
Current transformer