General Description

Fixed switchgear and control gear KRUS-SESH-75 is intended for receipt and distribution of electrical energy of three-phase alternating current with frequency of 50 Hz, voltage 6-10 kV in networks with the insulated or grounded neutral through the arc-suppression coil.

KRUS-SESH-75 is used during the new construction of switchgear, expansion, reconstruction and reequipment of the following objects:

  • Distribution points, transformer substations of urban electric networks;
  • Distribution transformer substations of industrial enterprises;
  • Traction substations for urban electric transport and underground;
  • Step-down substations of power distribution networks;
  • Complete transformer substations of high factory readiness.

KRUS-SESH-75 have patents for the utility model No. 98849, 102142, 107410, 116703.

Minimum time for servicing of embedded components and usability.
A chamber without draw-out elements, a slider box is rolled out only for repair.
Possibility to roll out the trolley without breaking the auxiliary circuit.
The cubicle size in depth is less than the analogues have.

Easily accessible voltage transformer at the input.

Technical Characteristics

Rated voltage, kV
6, 10
Rated current, A
630, 1 000, 1 600
Rated withstand short circuit current, kA     20
Dimensions, mm (width × height × depth)
750×2 052×900

List of sets of equipment

Accesory equipment Name
Vacuum circuit breakers VVU-SESH-10; VVM-SESH-10; VNA-SESH-10 
Current transformers
Zero-sequence current transformers
Voltage transformers
Auxiliary transformers
Surge arrester
Circuit breakers PKT; PKN
*A complete list of equipment used in KRUS-SESH-75 can be viewed in TI