NALI-SESH 6, 10, 35 kV

General Description

Three-phase ant resonance group of measuring transformers NALI-SESH for 6, 10, 35 voltage classes. Three-phase group of transformer is used for nutrition of energy accounting meters, instrumentation and measuring devices, relay protection (microprocessor). And also used to control insulation in networks up to 35 kV with neutral or grounded through the arc suppression reactor. NALI-SESH 6, 10, 35 kV is installed in cubicle switchgear KRU-SESH. Transformer has climate version "U", “UXL”, “T” and category 2 and 1 according to GOST 15150-69.

Opportunity to work transformers for outdoor installation in the IV-th degree of air pollution according to GOST 9920-89.
The line includes three-phase group of transformers for outdoor installation of voltage 35 kV.
Three-phase group NALI-SESH has smaller dimensions and better fire safety characteristics with respect to analogs filled with NAMI oil.
Opportunity of making transformer with safeguard.

Technical Characteristics

Voltage class, kV
6; 10; 35
Accuracy class of the main secondary winding
0,2; 0,5; 1,0; 3,0
Accuracy class of winding insulation control
3; 3Р; 6Р
Nominal line voltage of the main secondary winding, W
Nominal voltage of additional secondary winding, W
100/3; 100