Power distribution transformers

The factory puts a lot of effort into development of modern production. The design and working parameters of the products undergo continuous improvement. The process flow is also constantly improving to reduce manufacturing lead-time and increase quality. Electroshield Samara manufactures oil and dry power transformers, as well as low-power transformers.

Scope of Application

  • Gas and oil industry;
  • Transport and energy industry;
  • metal industry and industrial facilities.

The company has vast experience in manufacturing transformers with aluminum or copper winding providing large voltage and power ranges.
The company cares about environment and offers oil transformers with environmentally-friendly insulation and dry transformers, including molded-insulation transformers.
The company offers energy-saving solutions, in particular, transformers with reduced no-load and short-circuit losses.
  • Only high-grade materials that have undergone thorough control are used in the transformers.
  • Magnet cores are produced on up-to-date cross-cutting lines equipped with automatic core plate pickups which eliminates restacking of the plates.
  • Automatic cross-cutting and welding equipment is used for blanking and welding operations.
  • Winding production utilizes high performance equipment which provides high-quality windings and controls the density of windings.
  • Enclosure and lid painting is performed on modern powder painting lines with preliminary surface treatment.
  • Transformer oil undergoes several stages of treatment, including dehydration, degasification and filtering, on automated oil servicing lines.

Power distribution transformers 35 kV

Product type TMG/Sealed TM(G)F/Sealed (or with extender) with flange terminal positial TM(G)/Sealed (or with extender) TMG/Sealed TMG/Sealed
Brief description Upgraded series. New theoretical and design solutions have been implemented in this series, as well as well-established previous manufacturing experience Reduced loss series. Characterized by a reduced level of loss of iding and short circuit. Coordinating series. Voltage (HV/LV): 10/10; 6/6; 10/6; 6/10 kV Voltage class 15, 20 and 35 kV
Power, kVA 25-2 500 250-2 500 25-2 500 400-2 500 25-2 500
Voltage class, kV 10 10 10 10 15; 20; 35
Connection diagram Y/Yн-0, D/Yн-11, Y/Zн-11 Y/Yн-0, D/Yн-11 Y/Yн-0, D/Yн-11 Y/Yн-0, D/Yн-11, Y/D-11, D/D-0
Y/Yн-0, D/Yн-11
Climatic and placement category U1, UHL1, T1 U1, UHL1, T1 U1, UHL1, T1 U1, UHL1 U1, UHL1

Product type TNG/Sealed TNGF/Sealed with flange terminal position TMPNG/Sealed TMPNG/Sealed  TMPG/Sealed TMN/ with extender and on-load tap changing TM/ with extender
Brief description Transformers filled with non-flammable dielecrtic liquid Submerible pump powering transformers Submersible pump powering transformers Phaseshifting tranformer series for 24-pulse variable-frequency induction drive On-load voltage control transformers No-load tap changing transformers
Power, kVA 25-2 500 250-2 500 63-1 200 100-1 000 260-1 000 1 000-6 300 1 000-6 300
Voltage class, kV 1010 3; 6 1010 3535
Connection diagram Y/Yн-0, D/Yн-11 Y/Yн-0, D/Yн-11 Y/Yн-0 Y/Yн-0 - Y/D-11 Y/D-11
Climatic and placement category U3U3 U1, UHL1, T1U1, UHL1, T1U1, UHL1, T1U1, UHL1, T1U1, UHL1, T1

Dry insulated power distribution transformers 6-10 kV

Product type TLS-SESH
Brief description Mouded windings power transformers (epoxy resin)
Power, kVA 25-160
Voltage class, kV 10
Connection diagram Y/Yн-0, D/Yн-11
Climatic and placement category U2

Dry-insulated low-power transformer

Product type OLS-SESH OL-SESH
Fuse installed No No
Power, kVA 0,63; 1,25 0,63; 1,25
Voltage class, kV 6;10 6;10
Connection diagram 1/1-0 1/1-0
Climatic and placement category U2; UHL2; T2 UHL1; T1