Modular Solutions

For many years Electroshield Samara has been developing and supplying solutions for equipment installation in modular buildings made of sandwich panels. Modular units are a reliable protective enclosure for switchgear and transformers, converters, power electronics, telemetering equipment, as well as control and communication equipment installed in them. If necessary, any other Customer technological equipment for indoor installation can be mounted in modular units. 

We provide consultations concerning selection of electrical equipment and required components, maintenance and safety, etc.

Modular units have frame structure made of sandwich panels with flame-resistant basalt fiber lining. Inside of a modular unit, specific conditions are maintained to ensure proper operation of the mounted electrical equipment.

Equipment installation and check-out is carried out at the factory.
Utility systems and control circuits are fully mounted at the factory.
The unit is supplied as a single piece package.
Equipment can be installed on site during one work shift.
Service Department of the factory provides technical support throughout the equipment service life and can carry out comprehensive scheduled preventive maintenance and overhauls.

Electroshield Samara Manufactures 2 Options of Modular Units:

Multiple modular units consist of two or more 2,250 x 6,750 mm modular units. 80 and 120 mm thick wall panels are integrated in wall frames. Electric rooms of any size can be assembled using these modules.

A single modular unit is a Monoblock. Standalone complete buildings with overall dimensions: 3,000 x 7,000 х 3,290 mm, 3,000 x 9,000 х 3,290 mm, 3,000 x 10,000 х 3,290 mm, 3,000 x 12,000 х 3,290 mm. 80 and 120 mm thick wall panels. Four sides of a module are covered with panels installed over wall frames to completely hide the metal frame inside the room. Electric rooms of any size can be assembled using Monoblocks.

Modular unit equipment:

  • Operating, maintenance and emergency lighting;
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning;
  • Fire and security alarm;
  • Earth loop;
  • Ladders to module entrances;
  • Maintenance platforms;
  • External superstructures, portals;
  • Water drain systems.
Parameter description Multiple modules Monoblocks
Overall dimensions, mm, max.:
Width 1,750, 2,250, 2,400, 3,000, 3,500 3,000
Height 3,980 (3,150 – from unit support, without roof) 3,290
Length 4,500, 6,000, 6,750, 7,500 9,000, 10,000, 12,000
Climatic category UHL1 (moderate cold climate)
Ambient temperature values, °C -60°C
Temperature inside a module, min., °C +5°C
Environment conditions Non-aggressive and mildly aggressive
High seismic resistance 9 points as per MSK-64