General Description

Collection chamber KSO-SESH-298M of single-sided maintenance produced by Electroshield Samara can serve as a reliable and uninterruptible element in a power supply system for different objects: from urban networks to substations in extractive industries. The secret of such versatility is the clever design and tested components. Due to our experience of several decades of development and production of switchgears, the equipment of KSO-298M model shows one of the best characteristics in the market: you will be sure in its productivity!

One of the best proof of the high level of our facilities is the fact that the chambers are in great demand in all regions of Russia and even in other countries. It is explained by the fact that KSO-298 cubicle has a variety of prime advantages:

  • Stability in operation. All key units of the electrical equipment are produced by Electroshield Samara in the same plant – is the guarantee of full compatibility between each other. In this regard we produce KSO-298M model and all other switchgears using only precise, up-to-date foreign equipment. Therefore we guarantee you equipment service life!
  • Technological effectiveness. Notwithstanding the compact design this equipment has a lot of original solutions increasing functionality. Due to this KSO-SESH-298M chamber allows to use non-standard connection diagrams, use it for replacement of KSO chambers in reconstruction and expansion of the substation with switchgears with the insulated or grounded neutral through the arcing ground suppressor, etc.
  • Readiness for operation. Equipment of Electroshield Samara is supplied fully complete. That is why you can perform installation, adjustment, connection and start-up of KSO-298M without wasting time. It is important to note that it complies with the current GOST in Russia regarding the facilities and has declaration of conformity.
  • Favourable price. Using our product will help you to decrease significantly your own budget for creation of the effective distribution power supply system. The price for KSO-298M cubicle with voltage of 6(10) kV is on the profitable level for your enterprise. Due to the scope, technological process elaboration and absence of intermediate agents you receive best prices!
Contact Electroshield Samara – make your rational choice. High-quality electrical equipment KSO-298M will help to develop your company!

All the KSO-298M product range with the same dimensions, including auxiliary transformer cubicle.
KSO-298M is a well-known classic secondary switchgear, does not require additional training of maintenance and operating personnel.
Big cable compartment for connecting 2 three-phase cables with a cross-section up to 240 mm2 or 3 single-phase cables up to 500 mm2.
Connection with other series: KSO-272, KSO-2UM, KSO-96, KSO-266, KSO-366.

Technical Characteristics

Rated voltage, kV           6; 10
Rated current, A
630-1 000
Rated withstand current, kA
Dimensions, mm (width × height × depth)     750 × 2 650 × 1 365

List of sets of equipment

Accessory equipment Name
Current transformers TOL-SESH; TPL-SESH-10
Zero sequence current transformers TZLK-SESH-0,66; TZLKR-SESH-0,66; CSH-120(200)
Voltage transformers ZNOL-SESH-6(10); NALI-SESH-6(10)
Auxiliary transformers TLS-SESH-25; TLS-SESH-40; OLS-SESH-0,63; OLS-SESH-1,25
Surge Arrester OPN-6(10)
Circuit breakers PKT; PKN